Nov 12 '15 12:40

The Public Prosecutor has requested that the court in Den Bosch suspend the Nicole van den Hurk murder trial for two weeks after a new witness reported to the police on Tuesday. The witness claims that he heard suspect Jos de G. talk about killing a girl and believes this was Nicole van den Hurk.

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Nov 12 '15 12:02

The victim wounded in the shooting incident on Derkinderenstraat in Amsterdam on Wednesday afternoon, is a 49 year old man from Leiden, the police says. He is recovering in the hospital and is not in life-threatening danger.

Nov 9 '15 09:52

Murderers who bury their victims, often do so near the scene of the crime. This is according to the Netherlands Forensic Institute based on an investigation into clandestine graves. The NFI has to unearth a victim from a clandestine grave an average of three times a year

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Nov 9 '15 08:31

Koen Kevenaar, the 40 year old man whose body was found in an apartment in Rijen on Friday, may have been murdered because of naked photos he had in his possession.

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Nov 6 '15 17:35

A Rijen resident made a shocking discovery in his home on Breebroek on Friday morning - the dead body of a man. The police suspect that the man was murdered.

Nov 4 '15 12:15

A 45 year old man suspected of war crimes in the Balkans in the 90's, was extradited to Bosnia on the Public Prosecutor announced. In Bosnia the man stands accused of killing two people and torturing and robbing prisoners.

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Nov 3 '15 12:55

The police are calling on witnesses to help them with the investigation into the murder of 31 year old Tommie van der Burg at the Hotel Van der Valk on Aalsterweg on April 13th. According to the police, their investigation over the past months have led to several clues for further investigation, but not yet to the solution of the case.

Nov 2 '15 15:13

Twenty years after the fact, a suspect is finally standing trial for the rape and murder of Nicole van den Hurk from Eindhoven. On Monday suspect Jos de G. told the court in Den Bosch that he definitely did not kill the 15 year old girl in 1995, and if he did have sex with her, he cannot remember it.

Oct 30 '15 14:20

The police arrested a 26 year old man in Papendrecht on Thursday in connection with the death of a baby girl early this month. The suspect is the boyfriend of the baby's mother, but not the girl's father

Police sign
Oct 30 '15 12:06

The teenager that was wounded in the shooting on Marga Klompelaan in Amsterdam on Thursday night, is 19 year old Semih K. He one of several suspect in the 2013 murder of 35 year old Omar Kourrich

Oct 30 '15 10:38

A Dutch man was found stabbed to death in Turkey on Wednesday. The victim, Pieter Jan Reijntjes from Schaijk, Brabant, was on holiday in the village of Muhmutlar, where he has a holiday home with his husband Cor Jonkergouw.

Oct 26 '15 14:21

A car has been found that is believed to be linked to an investigation into a double homicide that occurred last week in the Hooge Zwaluwe. The double murder, in which motorcycle club No Surrender leader Brian Dalfour was killed, is said to be the result of a runaway rip deal, in which criminals tried to steal money or drugs.

Oct 26 '15 13:58

The Public Prosecutor in Assen has demanded life sentences against brothers Admilson R. and Marcos R. for three murders committed during robberies.

Oct 23 '15 08:57

The psychiatric clinic that treated 38 year old Udo D., the man arrested on Monday for murdering one woman and attacking another three in Leeuwarden that same day, had legal means to hold him for longer.

Oct 21 '15 10:55

No gunshots were heard when Turkish nationalist Haydar Zengin was murdered in a building on Derkinderenstraat in Amsterdam on October 15th, though the man was shot several times.

Oct 21 '15 09:38

The 38-year-old man arrested in connection with the murder of one woman and the aggravated assault of another in Leeuwarden on Monday, should never have been released from the psychiatric institution. The mental health system "left him to his fate".

Oct 20 '15 16:49

A Eritrean man has been found and arrested in a Dutch azc for the alleged murder of his 23-year-old Eritrean girlfriend in German on August 12 last year, reported the OM website. The man was arrested in Deventer last Thursday.

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Oct 20 '15 08:32

Two violent incidents in Leeuwarden on Monday afternoon left one woman badly injured and another woman dead. One man, a 38-year-old former psychiatric patient, has turned himself into the police in connection with both incidents.

Oct 16 '15 14:13

On Friday afternoon the police discovered the third body in a small West Brabant town in two days. The body was found in a home on Hameldonk in Raamsdonksveer. On Thursday two bodies were discovered at a small vacation home between Hooge Zwaluwe and Drimmelen. All three victims were murdered.

Oct 16 '15 12:14

A 61 year old man was arrested in Amstelveen on suspicion of committing war crimes in Ethiopia in the late 70's as a representative of the former Derg regime. According to the Public Prosecutor, the man is accused of the imprisonment, torture and murder of opponents of the former regime. The man has been living in the Netherlands for some time and has received Dutch nationality.

Oct 16 '15 11:43

A man was shot and killed in a building on Derkinderenstraat in Amsterdam West on Thursday afternoon. The victim has been identified as 37 year old Turkish born Haydar Zengin.

Oct 13 '15 12:30

The police arrested four members of outlaw motorcycle gang Satudarah on Tuesday morning in connection with the murder of 28 year old Breda man Rudi Schouten on April 3rd.

Oct 5 '15 15:32

Nearly 20 years to the day after Nicole van den Hurk went missing, the lawyer for 48-year-old Jos de G., suspected in the teen's rape and murder, maintained his innocence in court on Monday. De G. was arrested in 2014 after his DNA matched trace evidence found on the victim.

Oct 2 '15 15:12

A thirty-year-old man was arrested for his involvement in two street killings and two attempted assassinations. The man is accused of involvement in the murder of Rinus Moerer (68) in Steenbergen, Noord-Brabant in April 2014, and 44-year-old GGZ mental-health director Rob Zweekhorst, who was shot dead in what investigators maintained was a case of mistaken identity.


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