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Wasting food
May 24 '17 13:05

The average Netherlands resident tossed about 41 kilograms of food into trash bins last year, which translates to a 15% decrease in food waste from 2010. That year people still threw away 48 kilos of food, according to research commissioned by the Economic Affairs and Infrastructure & Environment ministries in the Netherlands. 

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Nov 2 '15 09:47

The majority of the Dutch voters are happy with the public letter in which the party leaders called on the population to keep a cool head during the asylum debate. An even larger majority thinks that the party leaders themselves are responsible for the escalation, with PVV leader Geert Wilders being named most often.

Nov 2 '15 09:14

Labour leader Diederik Samsom has nominated PvdA parliamentarian Martijn van Dam to take over as State Secretary of Economic Affairs. The current state secretary Sharon Dijksma is expected to move to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to take over from Wilma Mansveld, who resigned last week.

Oct 29 '15 11:28

After the so-called Volkswagen diesel scandal the European Commission has agreed to start using the Real Driving Emission test, which tests diesel vehicles' emissions in practice. In a rather controversial move, the Commission also decided to allow new diesel cars more than twice the allowable nitrogen emissions during the first years of the test's implementation.

Oct 29 '15 07:33

Sharon Dijksma, the current State Secretary of Economic Affairs, seems to be the most popular candidate to succeed Wilma Mansveld as State Secretary of Infrastructure and Environment. Mansveld stepped down on Wednesday following the report on the fiasco surrounding high-speed train Fyra.

Oct 28 '15 12:51

Other interests were repeatedly but ahead of the needs of the passengers in the debacle surrounding Fyra high-speed train between Amsterdam and Brussels, which eventually cost some 800 million euros. The NS and the State is particularly guilty of this.

May 6 '15 08:03

State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure plans to relax the rules for taxis in general. But UberPop remains illegal as the service does not meet the requirements, according to Mansveld.

Apr 30 '15 14:23

State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and the Environent is banning the sale of Baby Rockets and Roman Candles to individuals. These fireworks cause many injuries each new years, especially to eyes, and Mansveld hopes to reduce these casualties.

Apr 30 '15 12:30

From May 1st, people who cause trouble on stations will be banned from the station and its accompanying facilities, such as platforms, stairs, tunnels and elevators. State Secretary Wilma Mansveld has rushed the implementation of this exclusion order to help counteract the recent violent incidents in public transport.

Plenary meeting hall of the Tweede Kamer, Dutch Parliament's lower house (Photo: Wikipedia/Sisyfus)
Apr 24 '15 07:50

The debate on the flight MH17 disaster in eastern Ukraine had to be paused on Thursday after a portion of the podium platform collapsed.

Feb 9 '15 12:06

A study by the ANWB and the Foundation for Road Safety Research (SWOV) has come up with 18 measures to reduce the number of traffic related deaths and injuries. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is looking at what measures will be taken, NOS reports.

Jan 14 '15 14:58

A part of the A73 highway between Nijmegen and Maasbracht is closed due to an accident involving several vehicles. One of the vehicles is a truck leaking a large quantity of hydrochloric acid. The road is closed between Linne and the junction of Het Vonderen.

Oct 9 '14 13:36

The report "Driving under the influence in the Netherlands in 2002-20013" published today by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment shows that fewer motorists get behind the wheel after they have been drinking on weekends.

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