Ministry for Medical Care and Sports

Mark Rutte at a press conference on May 8, 2020
May 14 '20 07:45

Prime Minister Mark Rutte asked consumers to show solidarity with the travel organizations and accept a voucher for a flight canceled due to the coronavirus crisis, instead of demanding a refund. Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health warned Dutch against going on "corona-proof" vacations being organized by travel company Corendon. And Minister Martin van Rijn for Medical Care and Sports said it may be possible for professional football to restart before September 1st. 

Martin van Rijn
May 12 '20 12:20

Minister Martin van Rijn for Medical Care is annoyed that the high number of coronavirus infections in nursing homes was immediately blamed on the lack of protective gear. According to him, that is not a proven fact, he said in an interview with the Telegraaf.

"There was scarcity everywhere. Then you have to divide it up," Van Rijn said about protective gear like masks and gloves. "And then it makes sense that the distribution goes to where the most patients go. Do you remember that we were struggling with intensive care capacity at the time?"

Organ donation
May 7 '20 12:00

Adult Netherlands residents will be given more time to decide whether or not they want to be an organ donor, before the new law that automatically registers people as donors unless they explicitly object is implemented. The Ministry planned to prompt people for a decision starting this summer, but Minister Martin van Rijn for Medical Care decided to delay this to September. He finds it inappropriate to confront people with such a big decision during this time of crisis, AD reports.

Medical masks
May 6 '20 15:40

Minister Martin van Rijn for Medical Care decided to also make protective gear available to people who provide household help, counseling, daytime activities, or meal support to people at home, under certain conditions. These aid workers can ask for protective gear  if care for someone who has or is suspected to have Covid-19 cannot be postponed, the Minister announced on Wednesday.

Apr 20 '20 09:30

A shipment of 800 thousand masks arrived at Schiphol from China on Monday morning, Minister Martin van Rijn for Medical Care confirmed on Goedemorgen Nederland. The shipment also included 30 thousand pairs of protective glasses, and 30 thousand insulating coats, the Minister said on Twitter.

According to broadcaster NOS, the masks involved are professional FFP2 masks, which were quality checked and approved by the Netherlands in Shanghai. An agreement on this was made with the Chinese government, the broadcaster writes.

Girl at the dentist
Apr 17 '20 09:29

Dentists and oral hygienists are ready to reopen for routine care, with some extra precautionary measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus. Patients will have to wash their hands upon entering and ensure that they are in the waiting room for as short a time as possible. And practices will remove magazines, leaflets and toys, according to a proposal oral care organizations sent to the Ministry of Health, NOS reports.

Medical records
Apr 16 '20 15:40

This week, the GP medical file of millions of Dutch people will become accessible to thousands of healthcare providers without the patient's permission, warned privacy watchdogs Privacy First, the Humanistisch Verbond, and Stichting KDVP, NRC reports

Medical masks
Apr 10 '20 15:40

Hospitals, sector organizations and manufacturers are critical of how long it took the Ministry of Public Health and the national consortium of medical supplies LCH to start buying and producing medical masks. Bed manufacturer Auping and filter manufacturer Afpro announced Thursday that the first of their millions of masks will be ready by end  April. But according to those involved, this could have started much earlier, NRC reports.

A hospital isolation room
Apr 7 '20 14:16

The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the Netherlands seems to be falling, according to figures released by public health agency RIVM on Tuesday. Preliminary figures show 117 reported deaths on April 4, the lowest since March 29, and thus far the deaths of just 176 people were registered by the agency for April 5 and 6.

Medical masks
Apr 7 '20 07:44

The Netherlands needs 4.5 million medical masks and respirators per week to protect healthcare workers against the coronavirus Covid-19, Minister Martin van Rijn for Medical Care said on television program Op1 on Monday. The Netherlands ordered 30 million masks and respirators on the world market, he said, calling it "an absolute bonanza" as the world still faces a shortage of protective gear.

Apr 1 '20 16:10

Doctors at GP stations or emergency rooms are not allowed to view Covid-19 patients' files without their permission, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) said in a letter to Ministers Martin van Rijn for Medical Care and Hugo de Jonge of  Public Health. The two Ministers are currently working on a temporary regulation that allows patient data to be viewed without express permission, NRC reports.

Medical masks
Mar 30 '20 10:40

Minister Martin van Rijn for Medical Care met with the Chinese ambassador in The Hague to discuss a shipment of rejected medical masks from China. The Ministry had to reject some 600 thousand FFP-2 masks on Saturday because they did not meet quality standards, the Telegraaf reports. 

"Talked to Chinese ambassador Xu Hong about the rejected masks, the Minister tweeted on Sunday. "But also thanked China for their support to fight the coronavirus in the Netherlands. We are working together to ensure that all protective equipment meets quality requirements."

Bruno Bruins
Mar 24 '20 16:50

Bruno Bruins, who stepped down as Minister for Medical Care last week, said thank you for all the messages of support he received since his resignation. 

"Many thanks for all the sweet messages, flowers, drawings and gifts. Heart warming. I am resting now, although I don't like it much. I wish all the hard workers in the Netherlands a lot of strength. Only together will we work the corona crisis out of the country. Take care and look after each other!" Bruins said on Twitter.

A Philips non-invasive ventilator
Mar 24 '20 11:10

Philips announced that it is stepping up the production of medical equipment that can be used in the fight against the coronavirus, such as respirators, X-ray, and CT scanners. The company plans to double its production of respiratory equipment in the next eight weeks, and even have it quadrupled in the third quarter, the company said.

Medical masks
Mar 20 '20 14:12

Another 534 people in the Netherlands were diagnosed with coronavirus since Thursday, which took the country's total number of infected people to 2,994. Thirty of those patients died since Thursday, meaning that 106 people with coronavirus have died in the Netherlands, public health agency RIVM said on Friday.

Hospital corridor
Mar 17 '20 08:55

A total of 96 people in the Netherlands are in intensive care units with coronavirus Covid-19, the Dutch association for Intensive Care reported on Monday evening. Hospitals are increasingly concerned about a shortage of medical masks to protect healthcare workers and their patients.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Mar 16 '20 14:14

Another 278 people in the Netherlands tested positive for the Covid-19 variant of coronavirus, bringing the country's total number of patients to 1,413. Four more patients who tested positive with the virus died since Sunday, figures provided by public health agency RIVM showed.

"In total, 24 people have now died from the disease. The average age of the deceased is 79 years (youngest 59- oldest 94). A total of 205 patients were or have been admitted to a hospital," the RIVM said in a statement.

Bruno Bruins, Mark Rutte, and Jaap van Dissel at a press conference introducing new rules regarding coronavirus.
Mar 12 '20 15:32

As the rate of coronavirus infections continues to grow in the Netherlands, the Dutch government imposed stricter advice to deal with the spread of the virus. The new rules call on anyone in the country to work from home as much as possible especially if they have any respiratory symptoms or a fever, for medical personnel, first responders, and essential workers to cancel travel to countries abroad, and a ban on all events where over a hundred people are to meet in one place. 

Covid-19 - Sign at the Etos location on Dappermarkt in Amsterdam Oost stating that they have no masks or disinfectant gel, 2 March 2020
Mar 6 '20 14:10

Friday saw another hike in the number of Covid-19 diagnoses in the Netherlands, as well as the country's first death caused by the coronavirus. According to public health institute RIVM, there are currently 128 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Netherlands, up from 82 on Thursday.

Ajax football flag Amsterdam
Mar 6 '20 08:30

The European Ministers of Public Health are meeting in Brussels on Friday to discuss a EU strategy for dealing with Covid-19. The coronavirus continues to spread in the Netherlands, with three people working for football club Ajax being among the new diagnoses, according to RTL Nieuws.

The infected Ajax staffers include assistant trainer Christian Poulsen, and two physical trainers and therapists, according to several publications. They were at a birthday party also attended by someone diagnosed with the virus earlier this week, wrote.

Mar 6 '20 07:43

The Groningen department of health service GGD is ready to receive the 900 members of student association Vindicat, who will be returning from their skiing holiday in northern Italy early on Saturday. The students will be returning by bus. At a special location set up by the GGD, they will be checked over and tested for coronavirus Covid-19, if necessary, AD reports.

Dr. Milly Haverkort, an infectious diseases and internal medicine specialist, demonstrates a coronavirus exam at the GGD Kennemerland. February 2020.
Mar 5 '20 14:59

The number of patients in the Netherlands who tested positive for coronavirus jumped from 38 confirmed cases on Wednesday to 82 on Thursday, Dutch health authority RIVM said on Thursday.

Stock image of a "Dutch" stethoscope
Mar 4 '20 10:20

The government must make use of the military to help care for the sick if the coronavirus turns into an epidemic, according to advice from experts in the so-called Outbreak Management Team to Medical Care Minister Bruno Bruins, which newspaper AD has in its possession. 

Mark Rutte
Mar 3 '20 07:56

The government is holding a crisis meeting on how to deal with coronavirus Covid-19 on Tuesday morning. The so-called "ministerial crisis management committee' will gather to discuss the current state of affairs, how effective the current measures are, and whether further measures are needed, RTL Nieuws reports.

Attendees of the meeting includes Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Minister Bruno Bruins for Medical Care, Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security, and public health institute RIVM.


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