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Sep 1 '16 08:01

A court forced the Ministry of Security and Justice to publish more documents on the disaster with flight MH17 thanks to a joint call on the Freedom of Information Act by broadcasters NOS and RTL Nieuws and the Volkskrant. A number of new details were revealed, including that the Dutch government assumed from the first that Russian separatists were behind the downing of the plane.

Aug 31 '16 07:54

Relatives of MH17 victims asked the European Union for help in getting more information on the plane crash in eastern Ukraine in July 2014. They want the EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini to put pressure on those involved to release, among other things, missing radar image

Aug 22 '16 09:26

The Joint Investigation Team working on the criminal investigation into the downing of flight MH17 in the Ukraine in 2014, will release the first results of the investigation on September 28th

Aug 5 '16 11:45

The criminal investigation into the disaster with flight MH17 may be done by the end of this year, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said when he received Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

Jul 18 '16 07:51

On Sunday the Netherlands commemorated the second anniversary of the disaster with Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Over 800 friends and family members of victims gathered in Vijfhuizen, near Schiphol airport, to remember and honor their loved ones.

Jul 1 '16 09:34

Relatives of victims of the MH17 disaster have decided what they want the national memorial monument to look like - a 6 meter high and 25 meter long wall with the name of all 298 victims engraved on it

Jun 21 '16 12:50

RTL Nieuws broke no journalistic rules by secretly recording a lecture by forensic anatomist George Maat on the identification of MH17 victims last year, the Council of Journalism ruled on Monday

Jun 10 '16 09:11

Russian secret services were behind cyber attacks on the Dutch Safety Board's computers last year, according to the German intelligence service Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV) in a report on Russia's digital espionage activities. According to the service, the Russians were trying to get hold of information about MH17

Jun 6 '16 13:30

The MH17 investigation team found the "exhaust" of a BUK missile at the site of the crash in eastern Ukraine, the Joint Investigation Team revealed on Monday in an online magazine on the investigation into the disaster.

May 31 '16 11:55

A massive 53 percent of the people who lost a relative in the MH17 disaster on July 17th, 2014 are at risk of developing severe psychiatric problems, according to a study done by a group of Dutch mourning experts. One in eight of the survivors already suffered with severe mental health problems a year after the disaster

Apr 26 '16 14:45

Ron Smits, technical adviser for the Dutch Safety Board, was one of 2,755 people in the Netherlands to receive a Royal honor on Tuesday. Smits was honored for his "vital contribution" to the investigation into the downing of flight MH17.

Apr 12 '16 15:10

Hilversum is building a monument in Dudokpark to commemorate the 15 residents of the city who were killed in the MH17 disaster. The monument will be unveiled on July 17th, exactly two years after the Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down over eastern Ukraine

Mar 8 '16 10:23

A majority in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, is set to approve plans to improve airline safety rules following the disaster with flight MH17 in July 2014. The plans include a covenant between the government and airlines, more money for the intelligence services to collect and share information and punishment for airlines who do not have their safety rules in order

Mar 8 '16 09:57

A team of 80 police officers are assigned to the criminal investigation into the MH17 disaster. They are working from both the Netherlands and Ukraine, according to Wilbert Paulissen, head of the national detectives

Mar 2 '16 12:45

A clearly angry Prime Minister Mark Rutte called it "punching below the belt" when parliamentarians Louis Bontes and Pieter Omtzigt accused him and the government of covering up facts about flight MH17 during a parliamentary debate on the disaster on Tuesday

Feb 24 '16 07:38

The head of the Russian army and President Vladimir Putin made the decision to send the BUK missile system that shot down flight MH17 to the front in Ukraine. They are therefore responsible for the MH17 disaster, according to international research collective Bellingcat in a report they published on Wednesday

Feb 19 '16 08:22

The international judiciary team working on the MH17 criminal investigation is currently investigating remains of the missile that shot down the plane and expects to have evidence about the type of missile and where it was fired from "before the second half of the year", Chief Prosecutor, Fred Westerbeke wrote in a letter to the victims' relatives

Feb 9 '16 07:51

Three Dutch news agencies are taking the Ministry of Security and Justice to court, demanding that the government release more information about the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 disaster. On Tuesday the Administrative Court in Utrecht will address arguments in the case, jointly filed by the Volkskrant newspaper, and broadcasters NOS and RTL Nieuws.

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Feb 5 '16 13:50

The Dutch government will not be filing an international protest for the missing radar images of the flight MH17 disaster, despite parties in the lower house of parliament insisting on it. The government believes that there is enough information for the criminal investigation into the crash, was revealed during a parliamentary debate on the matter

Feb 4 '16 09:07

The Dutch Safety Board did in fact request raw radar images of the flight MH17 disaster from the Ukrainian government, Ukraine ambassador Olexander Horin said

Feb 3 '16 07:40

The Ukrainian government never received a request from the Dutch Safety Board for radar images of the MH17 aircraft disaster, the then First Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Shulmeister said in an interview with Dutch newspaper AD.

Jan 29 '16 12:42

A police officer caught selling MH17 related items on classifieds site Marktplaats, will not be prosecuted, the police announced on Friday. He will also not be dismissed, but he was demoted and put on probation.

Malaysia Airlines
Jan 25 '16 10:20

The last Malaysia Airlines flight from Schiphol Airport is departing at 11:40 a.m. on Monday. The airline is withdrawing from several European markets, ANP reports.

Jan 21 '16 08:46

The Dutch government is establishing a special team that must ensure that information on passenger manifests is released faster after an airplane disaster, the cabinet announced in a letter to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Wednesday


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