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Oct 30 '14 08:03

The Malaysian international investigation team has still not had the chance to do an investigation at the crash site of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

Oct 28 '14 13:49

The disaster with flight MH17 was most probably not caused by an accident or by a bomb on board the plane.

Oct 27 '14 07:24

According to ANP photographer Pierre Crom, the MH17 crash site is very dangerous. It is almost impossible for a investigation team in different vehicles to visit the disaster area.

Oct 21 '14 10:59

The German foreign intelligence service, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), completed a detailed analysis and concluded that pro-Russian rebels were responsible for the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crash on July 19th in eastern Ukraine.

Oct 20 '14 13:24

Robby Oehlers, the 44 year old Dutchman who traveled to the MH17 disaster site in the Ukraine on his own to look for traces of his cousin Daisy, has just survived a bombing.

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Oct 20 '14 09:56

It is absolutely not a good plan for people to travel to the crash site of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in the Ukraine, the Ministry of Security and Justice has said.

Oct 20 '14 08:20

A Dutch relative of a MH17 victim traveled to the disaster area in eastern Ukraine. Robby Oehlers is looking for traces of his cousin, Daisy Oehlers, who still has not been identified.

KLM badge
Oct 16 '14 08:44

The head of the Dutch arm of Air France-KLM, Camiel Eurlings, resigned overnight with immediate effect. Second-in-command Pieter Elbers took over for Eurlings, who lead KLM as President and CEO for four years, according to a KLM press release.

Oct 15 '14 12:05

The Second Chamber is looking for clarity from the Cabinet on the role of the Ukrainian search teams in the repatriation of the remains and belongings of the MH17 victims.

Oct 13 '14 10:00

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Security and Justice confirmed that the Ukrainian disaster relief will start searching for any remaining personal belongings and remains of passengers of flight MH17 today.

Oct 10 '14 10:37

Family of the flight MH17 victims is going to sue the Dutch State for gross negligence and carelessness in the handling of the tragedy.

Oct 9 '14 16:25

Minister Frans Timmermans of Foreign Affairs regrets his comment that one of the victims of the MH17 disaster in the Ukraine was recovered with an oxygen mask.

Oct 9 '14 12:18

The families of victims of the flight MH17 disaster were never told that a victim was found with an oxygen mask still around his neck.

Sep 26 '14 13:44

On November 1st Schiphol will close down the space where support messages were left to the victims of flight MH17. The cards, stuffed animals, condolence books, photos and letters will be safely kept until a permanent destination is found for them.

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Sep 26 '14 07:48

At the United Nations General Assembly in New York Thursday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that the tragedy of MH17 is felt throughout the country, and that The Netherlands will not rest until there is justice, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg
Sep 23 '14 07:33

The Dutch investigative team in the east of Ukraine investigating the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 were not only hampered from doing their job by rebel blocks and sabotage, but probably also had their computers and phones hacked.

Sep 17 '14 13:23

A $30 million (€23 million) reward has been offered by an anonymous person for information to identify the people who brought down flight MH17.

woman shopping economy
Sep 16 '14 16:10

Although many Dutch households reported a cut in spending in 2014, a smaller percentage of the country slashed their personal budgets compared to last year, according to market research firm Ipsos. In a survey of a thousand people in the Netherlands, the firm found that some 67 percent of people in the country tightened their belts, compared to 86 percent a year earlier.

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Sep 16 '14 14:29

Referring to the MH17 plane crash, King Willem-Alexander began his throne speech today by saying that "Prinsjesdag is surrounded by a mourning edge of sorrow"

Sep 12 '14 13:22

One part of the forensic investigation into the MH17 plane crash in the Ukraine focuses on 25 metal fragments that were found on bodies of passengers and baggage.

Sep 9 '14 14:32

At 09:00 am this morning Prime Minister Rutte, along with the Prime Ministers of Australia and Malaysia, were telephonically informed about the preliminary report by the Research Council for Safety regarding the circumstances of the disaster with flight MH17.

Sep 9 '14 13:06

After Tuesday's Dutch Safety Board release of a highly-anticipated preliminary report on its findings from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 plane crash investigation, social media sites such as Twitter became overflowed with people expressing opinions on the initial conclusions.

Sep 9 '14 10:33

There is no evidence that the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was caused by technical faults or actions by the crew. Instead, there is clearer evidence that the plane disintegrated mid-air due to flying objects, the first official report into the tragic air crash states.

Sep 9 '14 08:44

New details in the search for the faces behind the BUK missiles that shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine point to Russia. The BBC program Panorama spoke to eye witnesses who give evidence to support the claim. This new information comes hours before the Dutch government is to publish its own first report in the ongoing investigation.


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