Merlijn Stoffels

Sana'a in Yemen
Dec 4 '17 08:23

The Red Cross team in Yemen and Dutch TV maker Floortje Dessing lived through a harrowing night filled with bombardments in the Yemen capital of Sana'a. "The bombardments go on and on. It's a massive noise. You can also hear people screaming outside", Red Cross spokesperson Merlijn Stoffels said to NOS.

The team is currently waiting for the route from the Red Cross bomb shelter to the airport to be safe, Stoffels said. "We're stuck here, we can do nothing but wait." Red Cross employees elsewhere in Sana'a are investigating the route. 

Sint Maarten residents standing in line for drinking water, 12 Sept 2017
Sep 13 '17 10:40

Sint Maarten can count on a financial contribution from the Netherlands to help it recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Tuesday evening, according to Metro Nieuws. He did not mention any amounts.

There is no doubt that the Sint Maarten - an autonomous country that forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - desperately needs help. According to the Red Cross, 91 percent of the homes on the island were damaged or destroyed.

First plane lands at battered Princess Juliana Airport on Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma, 7 Sept 2017
Sep 8 '17 08:26

The emergency aid for Sint Maarten is finally on its way after Hurricane Irma caused devastation on the island on Wednesday. A plane managed to land at the battered Princess Juliana International Airport and the first Dutch navy ship unloaded its emergency supplies.

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