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Nov 23 '15 08:04

An open letter to parliament called on the Netherlands' politicians to close all 11 operating coal plants in the country. According to the 64 professors who wrote the letter, deciding to close the coal plants will send a clear signal in the run-up to the climate summit in Paris next week.

Nov 20 '15 15:30

Train passengers will have fewer problems with delayed and cancelled trains and can expect cleaner surroundings next year, NS promised to State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Infrastructure and Environment.

asylum seekers
Nov 17 '15 16:25

A majority in parliament is demanding improvement in the screenings of asylum seekers. According to them, there is currently no clarity on who is entering the country.

Nov 17 '15 10:28

There seems to be little support for the Dutch cabinet's plan for 5 billion euros in tax breaks for citizens and businesses. Opposition party D66 already announced that the party will be voting against the plan,

Nov 17 '15 10:04

The investigation into the leak from the commission for the intelligence and security services is starting to take shape. The first two members of the parliamentary committee that will be investigating this leak were announced on Monday - PvdA parliamentarian Jeroen Recrout and VVD parliamentarian Mark Harbers.

Nov 16 '15 13:12

A new legislative amendment will shift the burden of proof on earthquake damage in Groningen from the residents to mining company NAM. This means that Groningen residents whose homes were damaged will soon no longer have to prove that the damage was caused by gas-extraction earthquakes, but NAM will have to prove that this is not the case.

Nov 13 '15 12:01

The investigation into the leak from the committee for the intelligence and security services could take up to three months. By February 3rd next year, the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, has to decide whether one or more parliamentarians will be prosecuted.

Nov 12 '15 08:20

The Public Prosecutor laid an important decision about the committee that oversees the intelligence and security services at the feet of the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Wednesday night. The Prosecutor has indications that one or more party leaders in the Kamer leaked information from this strictly confidential committee, and the Kamer now has to decide what to do about it

Nov 10 '15 14:00

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice is concerned that frustrations among asylum seekers could lead to radicalization. The terrorism-threat level for the Netherlands has not changed in the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security's latest assessment. The possibility exists that individuals with ill intentions may try to enter the country among refugees, though no such case has been found yet.

Police sign
Nov 10 '15 10:38

The police have been questioning a number of party leaders in Parliament regarding a leak from the Committee for the Intelligence and Security Services that ended up with a NRC journalist

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Nov 9 '15 08:10

Drug criminal Cees H. warned former Justice State Secretary Fred Teeven that another criminal was planning to attack and kidnap him and keep him captive in a cage built in a junkyard for that purpose. Teeven, still a prosecutor at the time, was prosecuting the criminal in question - John V., alias The Hakkelaar - for large-scale drug trafficking.

Nov 4 '15 14:10

Many schools in the Netherlands do not have access to an internet connection with sufficient speed. At some schools, especially in the outlying areas, the internet connection is so slow, that it is impossible to work with multiple computers at the same time. Dutch parliamentarians want this problem to be solved by 2017.

Nov 4 '15 11:21

Parliamentarian Selcuk Ozturk thinks that PVV Geerd Wilders is becoming more and more like Adolf Hitler. Ozturk is annoyed about Wilders' tweet that Turkish-Dutch who voted for the AK party in the Turkish elections should leave the country.

Nov 4 '15 09:00

Parents should play an active role in making their kids aware that drug use is dangerous. They should do this by making drugs an approachable topic in the home.

Nov 4 '15 08:42

Young Muslims in the Netherlands do not have much against Jewish people themselves. But they are emphatically against Zionism.

Nov 2 '15 09:14

Labour leader Diederik Samsom has nominated PvdA parliamentarian Martijn van Dam to take over as State Secretary of Economic Affairs. The current state secretary Sharon Dijksma is expected to move to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to take over from Wilma Mansveld, who resigned last week.

The Binnenhof
Oct 30 '15 11:35

The Parliament buildings around the Binnenhof in The Hague are a fire hazard. Bundles of cables and crowded ducts are concealed in the ceiling and the power lines and water pipes are located very close together.

Oct 30 '15 07:37

PvdA parliamentarian Ahmed Marcouch wants asylum seekers to visit the Resistance museum, feminist magazine Opzij and gay interest group COC so that they can experience Dutch norms and values first hand. He also wants them to get Dutch language lessons as soon as they arrive in the country.

No image available
Oct 28 '15 07:58

Almost all party leaders in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, released a joint statement against the violent escalation seen during refugee discussions in the Netherlands over the past weeks. They call on their voters to show more mutual understanding and tolerance and not to confuse threats and insults with debate.

Oct 23 '15 11:58

The Tax Authorities have no idea how many sweetheart tax deals have been made with Dutch companies or how much money is involved in such deals. So-called tax rulings and other agreements are made by inspectors and are only noted in individual files, an overview does not exist. Agreements with companies also fall under "fiscal confidentiality".

Oct 22 '15 11:21

Ten health organizations have written an urgent letter to the cabinet asking them not to increase the tax on bottled water. According to them, this tax increase is directly opposed to the Ministry of Public Health's prevention policy of making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Mark Rutte
Oct 16 '15 15:12

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will be giving a speech on Friday at the special joint assembly of the Dutch Senate and lower house of parliament in The Hague. This special meeting was arranged as part of the celebrations to celebrate parliament's 200th anniversary.

ABN Amro
Oct 16 '15 10:02

ABN Amro's IPO could bring in between 17 and 19 billion euros, quite a bit more than the State has claimed so far.

Oct 15 '15 15:54

The majority of the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, thinks that the maintenance of the Groene Draeck, the royal family's yacht, is too high. Prime Minister Mark Rutte is calling in a second opinion on these costs.


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