Klaas Dijkhoff

Aug 14 '15 15:06

The expected "flood of refugees" in Hoek van Holland has not happened yet, according to State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice.

asylum seekers
Jul 28 '15 15:50

Traffickers that smuggle Syrian refugees into Europe make use of a "smuggling folder" to inform the refugees on the various countries in which they may get asylum, including benefits, housing situations and the chances of getting a residency permit. In this folder, the Netherlands is described as the promise land

asylum seekers
Jul 21 '15 15:17

The Netherlands will soon begin with preparing shelter for a total of more than 2 thousand extra refugees coming from Italy and Greece. he two southern European countries are dealing with a massive influx of refugees and need relief. The first of these refugees may arrive in the Netherlands in September.

Jul 8 '15 14:21

State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice has to clarify his policy on testing the credibility of asylum seekers who have fled their home countries because they are gay, according to the Council of State.

asylum seekers
Jun 25 '15 13:35

Many failed asylum seekers stay in the Netherlands because the government has little success in convincing their home countries to take them back.

asylum seekers
Jun 16 '15 15:55

A South African asylum seeker committed suicide in the Rotterdam Detention Center on Monday morning.

asylum seekers
Jun 9 '15 07:58

The Netherlands is willing to take in more refugees, but only if other European Union Member States do so too.

Syrian refugees
Jun 4 '15 12:31

The family reunification process for asylum seekers' family members who were left behind in dangerous countries is too slow, according to VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and the refugee families.

Vluchtgarage protesters at IND
Jun 2 '15 18:15

The Netherlands earmarked spent 868 million euros on services for roughly 24,000 asylum seekers last year, according to figures Justice Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff provided to anti-Islam party PVV. The party leader, Geert Wilders, blasted the amount, saying it translates to roughly 36 thousand euros per asylum seeker.

May 29 '15 10:32

Transporters are refusing to drive to England. According to them, the increasing flow of refugees trying to reach England by truck via Calais has made the situation too dangerous, the Telegraaf reports.

Syrian refugees
May 27 '15 13:03

The Cabinet is generally positive about many aspects of the European Commission's plan for asylum seekers, but still have some questions they want answered.

Apr 23 '15 14:41

The Dutch government plans to make additional investments in refugees' home countries to help these countries take back their refugees. This only applies to nations who assist in the sustainable return of their citizens.

Vluchtgarage protesters at IND
Apr 22 '15 18:01

The left-wing PvdA and right-wing VVD are near a deal on undocumented asylum seekers trying to remain in the Netherlands. The two parties form the ruling coalition, and are expected to finalize an agreement as early as Wednesday night.

Apr 20 '15 15:00

VVD leader Halbe Zijlstra compared failed asylum seekers to organized crime boss Willem Holleeder after the crisis meeting on what to do about failed asylum seekers at the Ministry of Social Affairs on Monday, NU reports.

Apr 15 '15 18:24

The Netherlands has breached the European Union rules on the reception of asylum seekers, such as access for food, clothing and shelter, for undocumented adults, the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR) states. A Council of Europe human rights committee must now decide whether or not it will take action against the Netherlands based on the harshly critical ECSR report, unless conditions of asylum seekers quickly improve.

Apr 8 '15 17:39

A special program provided by the Netherlands Forensics Institute (NFI) and funded by the Ministry of Security and Justice will train forensic doctors to more efficiently recognize signs of child abuse, reports the government. Secretary for Security and Justice Klaas Dijkhoff officially launched the program on Wednesday morning in the town of Riel.

Mar 20 '15 17:28

King Willem-Alexander will formally swear in the new Minister and State Secretary of Security and Justice on Friday evening. The jobs will be filled by ruling VVD Members of Parliament Ard van der Steur, 45, and Klaas Dijkhoff, 34.

Mar 20 '15 14:21

Pieter Cloo has decided to step down as Secretary General of the Ministry of Security and Justice. Cloo made this decision in order to give the new Minister and State Secretary of Security and Justice the opportunity to make a new start after the resignation of Minister Ivo Opstelten and State Secretary Fred Teeven.

Mar 20 '15 09:31

Parliamentarian Klaas Dijkhoff (34) will be the new Secretary of State for Security and Justice, De Telegraaf reports.

Mar 19 '15 18:47

VVD MP Ard van der Steur will be named the next Minister of Justice and Security as early as Friday, the Telegraaf reported. He became a member of the Tweede Kamer lower house of Parliament in 2010.

Feb 27 '15 10:55

The VVD will start its election campaign under a dark cloud of integrity scandals. Investigations into two VVD parliamentarians threaten to overshadow everything else. The campaign starts tonight with Prime Minister Mark Rutte on TV at Jinek.

Israeli flag
Aug 1 '14 10:43

In Amsterdam, the Gaza conflict is spilling over into Dutch territory. In a case that has received politicians' attention, police are investigating the assault of a Jewish woman, Seraphina Verhofstadt-Makker, from the Dapperbuurt area in the city. She says that she was assaulted by men because she hung her Israel flag from her balcony, Het Parool reports.


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