Ivo Opstelten

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Apr 3 '14 14:58

In The Netherlands, 5000 professionals, including teachers and agents, have been trained to spot signs of radicalization. Amsterdam, The Hague, and Almere have been classified as 'jihad cities', where jihadists are being closely followed.

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Apr 1 '14 11:45

Investigative journalist Brenno de Winter, who last month was suspected of planning to infiltrate government computer systems, is seeing himself as pressured to take matters to court. He cancelled a meeting with the National Police on Monday as he was not allowed to bring his lawyer, ThePostOnline reports.

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Mar 21 '14 14:53

The entirety of the cabinet has voiced their disapproval over Geert Wilders' now infamous remarks against the population of Morocco, in what Lodewijk Asscher calls a "sad chapter in political history."

Mar 21 '14 09:17

Minister Ivo Opstelten and his colleague from Curaçao, Nelson Navarro, have had talks which resulted in the promise that the Netherlands is ready to supply "man-power and analysts" to help fight criminality on Curaçao, Navarro announced on Thursday.

Human trafficking
Mar 12 '14 12:42

Anti-human trafficking groups will spend the next three years tackling occurrences such as exploitation at work and hazards in the world of prostitution, according to an announcement by minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice).

Mar 12 '14 08:01

In 2000, state secretary for Justice Fred Teeven signed a deal in which more than five million guilders from drugs criminal Cees H. was whitewashed. Back then, Teeven was a public prosecutor, Nieuwsuur reports.

Mar 11 '14 15:09

The four major cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague, want to limit the time in which fireworks may be sold and set off. They addressed the issue with Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice in a joint letter, according to De Telegraaf.

Dutch Passport
Mar 5 '14 09:19

The PVV wants "jihad brides" from Gouda to lose their passports, and that they be apprehended and questioned upon their return from Syria.

Mar 5 '14 06:55

A new Prostitution law has been proposed to Parliament, which includes a mandatory minimum age limit.

Feb 26 '14 07:28

Police officers are allowed to pose as minors on the internet to locate people who are looking for contact with children in order to sexually abuse them, the Telegraaf reports.

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Feb 20 '14 08:12

Minister for Security and Justice, Ivo Opstelten (VVD) still has the support of a majority in parliament for his policy against the regulation of marijuana cultivation.

Feb 18 '14 07:10

Minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice, VVD), is against the idea of regulating marijuana cultivation, favoring the tackling of criminality and nuisance.

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Feb 13 '14 09:11

police suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than was previously expected.

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Feb 12 '14 04:31

A Vietnamese student, Lee Vu, who is suspected of laundering, fraud and computer hacking in the U.S.A., will be extradited to that country, decided Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice. The decision bashes the student's hope of finishing his study.

Feb 3 '14 10:54

Minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten has to investigate what percentage of marijuana cultivation in the Netherlands is being used for export.

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Jan 31 '14 20:58

35 mayors signed a "weed manifest Joint Regulation" earlier Friday, in Utrecht, reported press agency Novum. The mayors plead for regulated growing of weed.

Jan 24 '14 10:28

Labour parliamentarian Marith Rebel has suggested Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten to allow experiments with the legal marijuana production.

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Jan 21 '14 04:34

Ministers Jeanine Hennis from Defense, Ivo Opstelten from Security and Justice, and Frans Timmermans from Foreign Affairs, notified Parliament, Monday, of their intent to propose new legislation, hopefully by the end of the year, allowing private security officers to guard Dutch merchant vessels along the coast of Somalia.

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Jan 13 '14 13:39

Convicts of criminal acts will be required to contribute in the cost of their investigation, prosecution, sentencing and jailtime.

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Jan 13 '14 11:41

A man who kicked a police officer in the head on old year’s day in Amsterdam was sentenced to six months in prison on Friday. Another man who bit two officers received two months conditionally.

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Jan 2 '14 16:25

People who have been arrested for “turn-of-the-year’s” offenses will receive up to 200 percent higher penalties than usual.

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Jan 2 '14 15:52

Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten seems not happy with increased incidents during this year’s New Year celebrations compared to last year.

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Dec 7 '13 04:32

Two mayors from Brabant are sounding the alarm over a failing approach of drug crime in smaller municipalities in Brabant.

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Dec 4 '13 09:46

Socialist and Labour MPs have questioned a ‘rain of bullets’ on a train hijacked by South Moluccan activists in 1977.


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