incitement to violence

Geert Wilders
Mar 19 '18 13:50

Geert Wilders and the PVV sparked outrage and anger from politicians and various organizations with an anti-Islam campaign video broadcast on NPO on Thursday. A number of politicians and organizations announced that they will be pressing charges of incitement to hatred and violence against the PVV leader as well as the broadcaster. 

Jul 13 '15 10:25

The municipality of Utrecht has decided on a neutral approach to controversial imams. If controversial imams preaching in Utrecht creates unrest in the media, the municipality will react neutrally to prevent polarization.

Iman El Alami Amaouch, alias Alami abu Hamza
Jan 22 '15 13:10

A radical imam, who was sent away by several mosques in the Belgian town of Verviers, has preached regularly in the Netherlands in recent years. Imam Alami abu Hamza preached in the Al Fadjr mosque in Helmond, among others. He was scheduled to preach again next month, but the Helmond mosque has let him know that he is no longer welcome after it became clear that the imam calls for violence.

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