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Dec 28 '17 09:21

Amsterdam is home to at least 6 thousand illegal Airbnb rentals - homes and rooms rented out to tourists on the site that don't comply with Amsterdam's rules on house sharing, Trouw reports based on studies by Amsterdam data analyst Nico van Gog and Airbnb data expert Murray Cox from New York.

May 3 '17 14:45

The city of Amsterdam is working on obliging residents who want to rent out their property through Airbnb, to report it to the municipality, housing alderman Laurens Ivens said to Nieuwsuur. Those who fail to report their listing, will be fined.

"People must report it if they are going to rent out [their home], so we can keep track of whether they rent their property for too long. And if they don't, a penalty, a fine, will follow", Ivens said. 

Feb 6 '17 14:45

The municipality of Amsterdam fined a home owner and key business Iamb&b a total of 297 thousand euros for not adhering to the city's rules regarding Airbnb listings, Het Parool reports. The home owner and Iamb&b together listed 11 apartments on the site.

Jan 9 '17 13:40

A student who rented out his Amsterdam room for three weeks through Airbnb will be allowed to keep living there, the court in Amsterdam ruled. Housing association De Key demanded that the student move out, Het Parool reports.

By renting out the room, the student broke the lease agreement with De Key. The student rented a student room to tourists between September 26th and October 17th last year, without getting permission from the housing association.

Anti tourism graffiti on Egelantierstraat in Amsterdam, 8 Dec 2016
Dec 19 '16 11:40

Amsterdam activists have taken to writing on the walls in protest against the vast number of tourists in the city. At least two homes spray painted with the words "Stop mass tourism". The homes involved - a houseboat on Lijnbaansgracht and a house on Egelantiersstraat - are believed to be illegal hotels. 

Dec 1 '16 09:53

Amsterdam and Airbnb reached a new deal that is aimed at promoting "responsible and sustainable home sharing" and combating illegal hotels, the municipality of Amsterdam announced in a press conference. New measures in the rules include an automatic tracker on Airbnb that keeps track of how many days a home was rented out and Airbnb automatically removing troublemakers' ads from its site.

Nov 21 '16 10:45

In the first ten months of this year Amsterdam closed a total of 211 illegal hotels - significantly more than the 167 illegal hotels closed in the city in all of 2015, RTL Nieuws reports based on figures from Amsterdam alderman Laurens Ivens.

Sep 1 '16 15:30

The city of Amsterdam is looking at tightening the rules surrounding vacation rentals - renting your home out to tourists. The city is also increasing the penalties for not following the rules - from now on the fine for a first offense will be 20,500 euros, instead of 13,500 euros. And an inspector can close a house immediately, instead of only at fire hazard

Aug 11 '16 13:10

Over this past month the municipality of Amsterdam found and addressed 20 illegal vacation rentals in the city. Two of these "illegal hotels" were closed immediately due to fire hazard and all 20 "hotel owners" can face a fine of between 13,500 and 20 thousand euros

May 3 '16 14:00

Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam are in talks with the Ministry of Economic Affairs on tightening the rules and restrictions linked to renting your home, or part thereof, through Airbnb

Apr 11 '16 15:15

Amsterdam is getting overcrowded with tourists and forecasts show that this will only get worse. According to the PvdA, the many tourists is a risk for the attractiveness of the city and something has to be done.

Mar 23 '16 12:16

Amsterdam is launching an "Easter Offensive" on illegal renting of homes to tourists through sites like Airbnb over this weekend. From Good Friday to Easter Monday Amsterdam residents can report suspicions of unlawful rentals on a reporting hotline, the city announced in a press release on Monday.

Feb 15 '16 14:50

The city of Amsterdam is launching a new digital investigating method in the fight against illegal hotels and housing fraud through sites such as Airbnb, the city announced on Monday. The new method will be implemented in April this year.

Jan 13 '16 12:30

In December Airbnb removed at least 170 Amsterdam accommodations from the site because they do not comply to the company's rules, the Volkskrant reports after speaking to individuals who rent out their homes on Airbnb.

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Sep 11 '14 10:18

The Municipality of Amsterdam has shut 30 illegal hotels in the city over the last three weeks, and has imposed fines amounting to more than €216,000 to other establishments, as part of a wide and ongoing operation to tackle illegal hotels in Amsterdam. Het Parool reports.

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Sep 12 '13 03:06

The city of Amsterdam has so far this year shut down 120 illegal hotels. These are properties where owners do not have the proper licenses or buildings that do not meet the requirements of fire safety. The town has fined 47 operators for a total of € 500,000.

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