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Oct 29 '15 14:24

With New Year's eve approaching, the police are once again discovering large amounts of illegal fireworks all across the Netherlands. In the past month alone, the police have confiscated 3,403 kilograms of illegal fireworks and arrested numerous suspects.

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Mar 23 '15 10:25

Police in Almelo confiscated 1,200 kilograms of heavy grades fireworks in Almelo last Saturday. Two people have been arrested.

Feb 26 '15 16:59

Two men who sold dangerous fireworks should face three years in prison, the public prosecutor told a court in Breda, Noord-Brabant on Wednesday. The 25- and 33-year-olds from Breda co-ran a shop which provided customers with fireworks from Poland, the public prosecutor (OM) released.

Dec 30 '14 12:04

The police found a large quantity of illegal fireworks in a commercial building on Maalderij in Amstelveen on Monday afternoon. A 55 year old resident of Amstelveen was arrested.

Dec 30 '14 09:05

"Aid workers such as police officers must not bear the brunt of out of control misconduct. Colleagues who are nevertheless confronted with violence can count on maximum support from the organization." said Chief Constable Gerard Bouman of the National Police regarding the rising trend of violence against officers during the turning of the year.

Dec 26 '14 11:23

The website has already registered 5,061 complaints. Last year there were a total of 90 thousand complaints.

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Dec 25 '14 10:12

Fewer and fewer people are lighting fireworks around the turning of the year. This year only about 21 percent of Dutch people bought fireworks, in 2009 in was 29 percent. This is according to a survey by Q&A Research & Consultancy.

Dec 25 '14 08:47

The person who was injured in Zoetermeer on Tuesday evening after a firework bomb destroyed three cars, is a 52 year old man. He was injured when he tried to bring his car to safety.

Dec 24 '14 10:26

Three cars completely burnt out in Zoetermeer on Tuesday night after a firework bomb exploded nearby. One person was injured and taken to the hospital.

Dec 23 '14 11:43

A 13 year old boy from Hardewijk was seriously injured in a fireworks incident on Friday, December 12th. A 15 year old boy has been arrested.

Dec 23 '14 08:16

An eleven year old boy was injured while lighting a firework in Breda yesterday afternoon. He was taken to the Amphia hospital by ambulance. He injured his right hand and right thigh.

Dec 19 '14 10:11

On Wednesday the police found more than 2,300 kilograms of illegal fireworks on Vlietweg in Leiden. A 31 year old man from Voorschoten was arrested.

Dec 19 '14 09:56

According to the Public Prosecutor's Fireworks Barometer 2014 - 2015, 29,428 kilograms of illegal fireworks have been confiscated since October 1st of this year.

Dec 18 '14 12:04

The Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery (NVPC) is advocating for stricter fireworks regulations all year round, not just limited to the period around New Year's.

Dec 8 '14 21:04

The Fire Department discovered over 20 boxes of fireworks, after extinguishing a brief, but ferocious fire that broke out in a house on Flatusstraat, Capelle aan den Ijssel, on Saturday. The police were contacted upon discovery, and further investigation lead them to finding 575 kilograms of illegal fireworks in the 46-year-old resident's home.

Dec 3 '14 13:57

The police are going to tip off banks and other mortgage lenders if they find dangerous illegal fireworks in a home that could wreak extreme damage to the property. This is according to Ad Niewdorp, fireworks expert at the National police.

Sep 24 '14 16:01

The police arrested a 24 year old man from Groningen of Saturday September 13th, for having about 600 kilograms of fireworks in his possession.

Jan 17 '14 20:28

The 22-year-old C.P. and the 21-year-old J. van de S. from Nieuwegein heard sentences of up to 1 year against them, Friday, before the court in Utrecht, for the trade and storage of illegal fireworks late 2012.

Jan 9 '14 21:00

The 14-year-old Hamza from Rotterdam is still in an induced coma, after he was critically injured on New Year's Eve by shrapnel from a parking meter, that was blown up with illegal fireworks. The boy sustained brain damage.

Jan 9 '14 04:32

Until the first week of January, the police seized nearly 139,000 pounds of fireworks . This is clear from the fireworks barometer of the Public Prosecution, which keeps track of the fireworks catches since October.

Dec 16 '13 10:25

The Netherlands police used fake Poland-based online shops to track down potential buyers of illegal fireworks.

Dec 13 '13 04:32

The City of Den Helder is reclaiming almost 80,000 euros from Johanna K., the 66-year-old woman who was arrested in August because she kept ammunition, illegal fireworks, chemicals, and (parts of) weapons in her home, announced the City Wednesday.

Nov 16 '13 04:30

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