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Mortgage application form
May 20 '20 09:32

The number of mortgages closed in the first quarter of 2020  grew by 22.8 percent compared to the same quarter last year. The average mortgage value also increased, management consultancy firm IG&H said on Wednesday. According to the firm, "this indicates that the Dutch mortgage market has not yet faced the inevitable downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic."

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May 19 '20 12:10

So far the coronavirus crisis seems to have had little effect on the Dutch housing market, according to realtors association NVM. Since mid-March, when the Netherlands went on intelligent lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus, NVM brokers sold around 2,500 to 3 thousand homes per week. That is about the same as before the crisis, NOS reports.

Rental agreement
May 8 '20 10:41

Despite the coronavirus crisis, many tenants in the Netherlands will face rent increases as of July 1. Instead of postponing annual rent increases due to the crisis, many landlords opted for more moderate increases than usual, they said to Financieele Dagblad. But tenants' association Woonbond said it is getting reports of substantial increases. 

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Apr 24 '20 10:27

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis in the Netherlands in March, more homes were put up for sale than in the same period last year. Due to the increased uncertainty brought on by this crisis, many homeowners are moving up the planned sale of their home, research agency Dynamis said on Friday, NU.nl reports.

Rental agreement
Apr 14 '20 08:23

Left-wing opposition parties GroenLinks, SP, and PvdA want the government to ban rent increases and evictions during the coronavirus crisis. According to the parties, the government is not doing enough to protect tenants through this crisis, RTL Nieuws reports.

People waiting to view a home for sale in Amsterdam Oost, keeping their distance from each other due to coronavirus restrictions. 25 March 2020
Apr 7 '20 11:17

After years of skyrocketing prices and ever increasing home sales, the coronavirus and measures to curb it will be a blow to the Dutch housing market. A combination of side effects from measures to flatten the Covid-19 infection curve will result in far fewer home sales this year, and home prices falling next year, ABN Amro said in a report on Tuesday.

People waiting to view a home for sale in Amsterdam Oost, keeping their distance from each other due to coronavirus restrictions. 25 March 2020
Apr 1 '20 10:01

Home sales in the Netherlands decreased by 12 percent in March compared to the same month last year, and the number of homes put up for sale decreased by 9 percent, according to figures from realtors association NVM. The number of mortgage applications, on the other hand, increased by almost a third in March compared to February, according to figures from De Hypotheker, NOS reports.

Buyers wait at a safe distance outside an Amsterdam Oost open house
Mar 26 '20 17:19

Approximately half of all homeowners in the Netherlands believe the value of Dutch real estate is set to decrease as a result of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, a new survey by the consumer protection group Vereniging Eigen Huis reveals.

Feb 18 '20 14:20

Housing corporations want to build 10 thousand temporary homes per year in the fight against the housing shortage facing the Netherlands. But to achieve this goal, procedures to build these homes must become shorter, more locations must be made available, and land prices must be adjusted, said Aedes, the umbrella organization for housing corporations, NU.nl reports.

Construction site
Feb 18 '20 10:10

In an effort to relieve housing pressure in Amsterdam, ruling parties CDA and D66 want to build thousands of new homes in Almere, as well as a tunnel or bridge to improve the connection to the capital. They want Almere Pampus to consist of 25 thousand homes that can house between 50 thousand and 60 thousand people, RTL Nieuws reports.

Small home for sale
Feb 12 '20 08:25

The average selling price of an owner-occupied home in the Netherlands topped 300 thousand euros for the first time ever. Existing owner-occupied homes were most expensive in Bloemendaal at 832 thousand euros on average, and cheapest in Delfzijl at 155 thousand euros on average, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands and the Land Registry.

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Feb 11 '20 15:10

Nearly half of tenants in the Netherlands don't think they will ever be able to buy a home, according to an international study by ING among nearly 3 thousand tenants who have never owned a home. 48 percent of Dutch tenants think they'll never buy, compared to the European average of 38 percent, RTL Nieuws reports.

Tenants in the Netherlands who think they will eventually buy a house, largely expect to only do so later in life. Only 6 percent think they will buy a house before they turn 30, and another 6 percent think they'll do so by the time they're 34.

Monument in Amsterdam featuring Major Alida Bosshardt, a well-known leader in the Salvation Army in the mid- to late-20th century
Feb 5 '20 11:50

For the first time in years, the number of owner-occupied homes in Amsterdam decreased in 2019. Despite 1,400 new owner-occupied homes being built last year, the total number of owner-occupied homes in the Dutch capital decreased from 139,300 in 2017 to 136,200 in 2019, according to figures the municipality released, Het Parool reports.

Housing alderman Laurens Ivens blames the decrease on investors and private individuals buying houses to rent out.

Construction site
Jan 31 '20 11:00

Housing corporations are still failing to build enough homes, according to a report by the Housing Corporation Authority, part of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate. The "State of the corporation sector" report showed on Friday that they only realized 62 percent of their annual construction plans in 2017 and 2018, NOS reports.

The report did not give a reason for these failed plans, but mentioned a number of possibilities. "Too optimistic schedules, setbacks in tenders, rapid construction costs increases and other causes can play a role," the Authority said.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan 29 '20 14:20

Amsterdam's rule that allows residents to rent their homes to tourists for up to 30 days a year without a permit, as long as they report the rental to the municipality, is in violation of the Housing Act, the Council of State said in a ruling on Wednesday. Amsterdam is not allowed to exempt residents from the prohibition on renting a home to tourists without a permit, the Council of State said.

Jan 29 '20 08:01

Last year, nearly 71 thousand new homes were built and delivered in the Netherlands, over 6 percent more than in 2018 and the biggest increase in a decade, Statistics Netherlands reported on Wednesday. The total housing stock in the Netherlands grew by 0.9 percent last year.

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Jan 27 '20 14:50

A project developer divided four Amsterdam apartments in half and are now selling the eight half-apartments for between 275 thousand euros and 312,500 euros, De Westkrant discovered based on advertisements on property site Funda. The apartments, located on Kortenaerstraat in the popular De Baarsjes district, are 31 square meters or less in size.

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Jan 23 '20 11:00

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an affordable home in the Netherlands. A massive three quarters of the home supply in the Netherlands now costs more than 250 thousand euros, unaffordable for households with an income below 55 thousand euros per year, according Dynamis analyst Rogier Weck based on figures for the last quarter of 2019.

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Jan 10 '20 16:50

The price increases on the housing market in the Netherlands will level off this year, but prices will still rise, according to analysts at ABN Amro. They predict that home prices will increase by 4 percent in 2020, compared to last year's 7 percent increase, NU.nl reports.

Small home for sale
Jan 9 '20 13:30

The end of the housing shortage in the Netherlands is far from over, realtors' association NVM said based on sales figures for 2019. The number of people who cannot find the home they are looking for will only increase in the coming period, the NVM expects, NOS and NU.nl report.

The average home seeker currently has a choice of 2.8 homes within their budget. People with a budget between 160 thousand and 260 thousand are worst off. In large parts of the country, the can chose between less than two homes. 

Man in a wheelchair
Dec 3 '19 08:14

The position of people with disabilities in the Netherlands is deteriorating. Over the past three years, it has become more difficult for people with disabilities to fully participate in society, according to a report commissioned by the UN Convention Alliance, a collaboration of five organizations that advocate for people with disabilities, which will be handed to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva on Tuesday, Trouw reports.

Small home for sale
Nov 25 '19 07:59

Single earners with a median income have less and less chance of buying a home in the Netherlands. Single income households with a median income of 32,700 this year can afford a home that costs 150 thousand euros maximum, according to De Hypotheker. Only 4.3 percent of homes currently for sale in the Netherlands have an asking price of  150 thousand euros or less, compared to 7.5 percent last year, NOS reports.

Sold sign in front of a home
Nov 18 '19 11:09

Last year the median household in the Netherlands had 38,400 euros in assets, 10 thousand euros more than the year before. The increase is mainly due to the increasing home values in the country, Statistics Netherlands reported on Monday.

The median household when it comes to wealth is when you line up all households in the Netherlands from least assets to most and pick the one exactly in the middle. That means that half of households have more in assets and half less than the median household.

Oct 23 '19 10:40

Dutch between the ages of 20 and 45 who rent a home in the free sector, pay so much on housing costs that they can't afford to build up savings, Rabobank researchers Nic Vrieselaar and Carlijn Prins concluded after surveying over 10 thousand customers that fall in this group, AD reports.


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