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For Sale signs (Source: Wikimedia/Andy F)
Nov 20 '15 11:24

The prices of existing homes were 3.4 percent higher in October than in the same month last year, following the slight upward trend that started in June 2013.

Housing Market
Oct 14 '15 11:45

The trend of building homes in existing buildings, such as schools and offices, is becoming increasingly popular. Nearly 40 thousand new homes have been created in this way since 2012, more than 11 thousand per year.

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Sep 2 '15 12:10

Dutch gas firm NAM has to compensate residents of the earthquake area in Groningen for the decline in the house prices, even if the homes do not yet show any physical sings of damage or have not been sold yet.

construction worker
Aug 11 '15 14:42

Construction is the fastest growing sector in the Netherlands this year, with an expected growth of 5 percent over 2015.

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Jun 30 '15 15:30

The housing market in the Netherlands is recovering much faster than previously expected. This year may show a 10 percent increase in the number of homes sold compared to last year.

Apr 22 '15 15:54

Existing homes were 2.7 percent more expensive in March than a year before. The Dutch market saw housing prices rise 12 consecutive months, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Feb 13 '15 12:05

The Dutch economy is continuing signs of recovery, posting growth of 0.5 percent in the last quarter of 2014, according to official bureau Statistics Netherlands (CBS). This is now the third consecutive quarter where growth has been measured, the CBS reported on Friday.

Jan 15 '15 13:45

Thirty percent more homes were sold in the fourth quarter of 2014 than in the same period the year before. The average price of an abode sold in the Netherlands now stands at 215,000 euros which is 3.5 percent higher than last year and 5 percent higher than during the worst times of the economic crisis, according to NVM brokers in their latest figures.

Nov 21 '14 08:44

For more than half a year the prices of existing homes have been higher than in the same month in 2013.

Nov 17 '14 13:59

he Land Registry announced on Monday that the number of home sales increased in October by 44.6 percent, compared to the same period last year.

Nov 14 '14 11:17

The housing market will pick up further next year, according to Rabobank. The bank predicts that the house prices and number of homes sold will increase slightly.

Oct 9 '14 14:42

The average house price decreased with 0.3 percent last quarter compared to the previous quarter. The slight decline comes after three quarters of rising prices.

houe for sale/sold sign
Aug 14 '14 09:49

The Netherlands Association of Realtors (NVM) says that every quarter is better than the last in the housing market. RTL Nieuws reports that the crisis in The Netherlands seems to have been surpassed, as June this year shows a doubling in the number of new homes bought compared to June last year.

Housing Market
Aug 8 '14 13:45

The housing market is recovering faster than previously expected, according to the housing market economists from the Rabobank.

houe for sale/sold sign
Aug 1 '14 15:16

Despite reports from the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Netherlands Association of Estate Agents that the housing market is recovering, around 21,000 of the more than 63,000 homes put up for sale in The Netherlands, are often sold in the first half year at a stiff loss, De Telegraaf reports.

Housing Market
Jul 21 '14 11:29

Housing prices in The Netherlands have been higher in the last three months compared to the same period of last year. June saw a 2.2 percent rise in existent houses for sale than in June 2013, the Central Bureau for Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

May 14 '14 13:55

New homeowners still have to pay 'key money', a kind of extra levy to be allowed inside, by some landlords. Asking for this has been disallowed for some time now, but it is still being done.

May 14 '14 11:49

The Rabobank is counting on it that housing prices will rise this year. The bank's economic office is saying that sale homes will on average become between 0 and 1 percent more expensive this year, and between 1 and 3 percent more expensive next year, according to a report from the biggest mortgage office of the Netherlands.

Mar 7 '14 13:14

South Holland has a shortage of 50 thousand affordable homes for sale and rent, for sole financial providers and starters.

Feb 26 '14 04:32

Although the Netherlands is lagging behind other European countries when it comes to economic growth, the European Committee expects the Dutch economy to finally rise above the 3 percent allowed budget deficit in 2015. The budget deficit for 2014 is still 3.2 percent, but is anticipated to be down to 2.9 percent in 2015.

Feb 24 '14 20:04

The 4.1 million homeless in the European Union could easily be housed in the 11 million vacant homes, according to news paper The Guardian, who collected data from all over Europe.

Feb 5 '14 04:33

The government sold the rest of the ING American subprime mortgages to Credit Suisse. In the previous two months the government already sold two other large parts of the American subprime mortgages.

Aug 15 '13 04:59

The economic recovery for the Netherlands is not happening yet and therefore the deficit for the Netherlands remains far too high. Next year, the deficit is 3.9 percent. That was announced the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) and the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Wednesday. What are the political reactions?

The government accepts that the Netherlands will not meet the European standard of three percent next year. But there will be no more than 6 billion cut, said Jeroen Dijsselbloem Minister of Finance on Wednesday in response to the new estimates from the CPB.

Apr 3 '13 16:56

The number of houses sold in March has increased compared to the previous two months.


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