Stock image of a "Dutch" stethoscope
May 24 '20 13:00

Hastily-constructed makeshift emergency hospitals in Rotterdam Ahoy and MECC Maastricht are now left with nobody to foot the bill, according to an investigative report by journalists from Investico.

The construction of the emergency hospitals has not been approved by regional healthcare institutions, which has led to health insurers refusing to pay on the same grounds, according to the report. The combined costs of construction are estimated at 14 million euros.

Hospital ward
May 22 '20 08:08

Over a month after the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care started to fall, all hospitals in the Netherlands have started to resume regular care. But progress is slow. Most hospitals are only offering half of the care they provided before the coronavirus crisis. A quarter only started 25 percent of regular care, NOS reports after surveying hospitals.

Medical masks
May 19 '20 14:44

Many healthcare workers still have to work with no personal protective equipment like masks and safety glasses, according to a poll by trade union FNV among 1,358 care workers. The lack of protective gear is greatest in nursing homes and home care, where 60 percent of workers don't have protection. A third of hospital workers work without protective gear, and a sixth of maternity care workers, RTL Nieuws reports.

A hospital isolation room
May 4 '20 17:40

Several university medical centers and hospitals in the Netherlands are launching an investigation into whether there is a link between the coronavirus and thrombosis and pulmonary emboli, the Thrombosis Foundation of the Netherlands, which is funding the study, announced on Sunday.

Hospital waiting area
May 4 '20 15:20

With the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care falling, regular hospital care in the Netherlands is being resumed. This week the outpatient clinics in Noord-Holland and Flevoland will start operating again, with some extra precautionary measures, Yvo Roos of ROAZ, the body that coordinates acute care in this region, said to NOS.

Apr 22 '20 11:20

The Dutch associations of health insurers ZN and hospitals NVZ have come to an agreement to help hospitals in financial trouble due to the coronavirus. Hospitals' expenses are currently skyrocketing due to the many Covid-19 patients they are treating, while income from postponed planned care is not coming in. According to the health insurers, the aid package involves billions of euros, AD reports.

Gelderse Vallei Hospital in Ede
Mar 30 '20 15:40

The Gelderse Vallei hospital in Ede is officially the first Dutch hospital to receive military aid because of the coronavirus. A total of 18 soldiers were deployed to the Gelderland hospital on Monday morning, Omroep Gelderland reports.

All soldiers involved have a medical background. Six are qualified doctors, the other 12 are qualified nurses. They followed a short training course before being deployed to aid in the hospital.

The idea is that military personnel will also be deployed to other hospitals to help deal with the coronavirus crisis. 

Mar 27 '20 07:17

A total of 761 coronavirus patients were being treated in intensive care units in the Netherlands as of Thursday, up 18 percent from 644 on Wednesday, according to figures released by the association for intensive care NVIC. There are "few" beds available for new patients, the association said.

The number of available beds in ICU went from "sufficient" to "few" on Tuesday.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Mar 16 '20 14:14

Another 278 people in the Netherlands tested positive for the Covid-19 variant of coronavirus, bringing the country's total number of patients to 1,413. Four more patients who tested positive with the virus died since Sunday, figures provided by public health agency RIVM showed.

"In total, 24 people have now died from the disease. The average age of the deceased is 79 years (youngest 59- oldest 94). A total of 205 patients were or have been admitted to a hospital," the RIVM said in a statement.

Hospital room
Jan 17 '20 08:03

Waiting lists for specialist treatments at hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands are still on the rise. The average waiting times for most specialties were considerably higher last year than four years ago, and in almost all cases exceeded the applicable standards, the Telegraaf reports based on recent figures from Mediquest.

Pediatrician with a child patient
Dec 18 '19 11:20

The pediatric departments of almost all hospitals in the Netherlands are completely full. Many hospitals stopped taking in child patients and several children have been transferred to hospitals in Belgium. The problems are especially big in the Randstad, where hospitals are looking for somewhere to place 30 to 35 sick children a day, the Dutch association for pediatrics NVK said to NOS.

Hospital room
Nov 20 '19 08:10

General hospitals throughout the Netherlands are running on so-called Sunday service today as hospital workers strike for better employment conditions. Only emergency care will still be provided. According to the trade unions, around 75 percent of all general hospital employees will strike at 119 locations.

The university hospitals are not participating in this strike, because they fall under a different collective bargaining agreement.

Banner calling for a better collective bargaining agreement for hospital workers hanging in the OLVG Oost hospital, 29 July 2019
Nov 19 '19 17:00

For the first time in Dutch history, there will be a nationwide strike among hospital workers on Thursday. They are striking for higher salaries and better working conditions. 

Police officer and paramedic
Oct 25 '19 10:20

The police arrested two people early on Friday morning in connection with a strange incident in Amsterdam a night before. A man with a bullet wound was dropped off at an Amsterdam hospital by an Audi A3 with French license plates, which then quickly left the scene.

Hospital ward
Oct 17 '19 08:34

On Wednesday, November 20th, hospital staff across the Netherlands will do the hospital variant of a strike - refuse to perform any of their non-emergency duties. This is the first national strike by hospital workers ever in the Netherlands, unions FNV, FBZ, NU'91 and CNV said, NOS reports.

Drug use
Oct 8 '19 14:30

Ketamine seems to be getting more popular as a party drug, according to new figures from the Trimbos Institute. Over the past six years, the number of people who went to a first aid post or hospital after using this drug recreationally increased five-fold, the institute said in its Drug Incidents Monitor, NOS reports.

Ketamine is an anesthetic that can cause hallucinations. The share of first-aid visits caused by ketamine use increased from 2.7 percent in 2009 to 8.2 percent in 2017.

Ambulance in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jul 26 '19 07:59

A total of 34 children and two staff members became ill at a campsite in Leusden on Thursday due to the heat. They were all taken to hospital. The organizers of the camp cut the summer camp short and sent the remaining children home, reports.

The sick kids were taken to the University Medical Center in Utrecht. Most of them were sent home after a check-up, but four had to spend the night in hospital for observation. Parents of the affected children were asked to go directly to the hospital and collect their children there.

Jun 19 '19 11:09

A lightning strike left 14 military students injured at the army base in Ossendrecht on Wednesday morning. One student sustained serious injuries and was taken to hospital by trauma helicopter. The other 13 were taken to hospital for examination, the Koninklijke Marechaussee said on Twitter.

The students involved are studying the Safety & Craftsmanship course at ROC, according to RTL Nieuws. According to the Marechaussee, the lightning strike happened on a military training ground. 

Exactly what happened, is not yet clear. 

Hospital room
Apr 12 '19 08:02

Sixteen Dutch students were hospitalized in the Italian city of Milan to be treated for an unknown virus. All of them have since been discharged. It is not yet known what caused the students to fall ill, team leader Stephan Wiele of the Amsterdam Wood- and Furnishing College said to

Apr 10 '19 07:32

Seven residents of an apartment building on Prinses Annalaan in Leidschendam were taken to hospital on Tuesday to be checked for carbon monoxide poisoning. A total of 16 homes were evacuated, AD reports.

The fire department and ambulance service responded to the apartment building in large numbers on Tuesday afternoon after someone reported smelling gas in the building. Measurements showed that there was no gas leak, but there was a much too high concentration of carbon monoxide in the building.

Mar 7 '19 13:30

A person was found dead in a home on Weimarstraat in The Hague on Thursday. The police suspect carbon monoxide poisoning may be the cause. Eleven other people, including four police officers, were taken to hospital, ANP reports.

The victims all come from homes on Weimarstraat. The police officers became unwell when they entered the homes.

As far as is currently known, none of the 11 people taken to hospital are in critical condition, according to the news wire.

The homes have all been aired out. 

Hospital room
Jan 31 '19 10:20

A 28-year-old man who spent eight hours trapped under rubble after a gas explosion leveled a building in The Hague on Sunday, again underwent surgery on Wednesday. As with the first operations, the surgery was to his legs.

Dec 19 '18 08:55

A fire broke out at Nijmegen healthcare institute De Velechting on Wednesday morning. Part of the building was evacuated. Eight residents were hospitalized as a precaution, De Gelderlander reports.

The fire department responded to the building on 73ste street at around 6:00 a.m. About an hour later, local safety office Veiligheidsregio Gelderland-Zuid reported that it had been extinguished. The cause of the fire is not yet clear.

Hospital room
Oct 30 '18 12:40

The St Jansdal Hospital in Hardewijk plans to take over outpatient care in Lelystad, according to a message sent to the staff of the bankrupt MC IJsselmeer hospitals. St Jansdal confirms that there are plans, but that they are not 100 percent certain yet, NOS reports.


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