Feb 9 '17 16:10

The number of horses, deer and cattle in the Oostvaardersplassen near Lelystad needs to be significantly reduced. About a third of the approximately 4,500 hoofed animals currently roaming the park need to disappear in order to prevent the park being stripped bare. The Flevoland government is looking for ways other than culling to deal with these animals, Trouw reports. 

Apr 6 '15 09:07

A large fire broke out at the sport and tennis complex on Beekweg in Belfast, near Venlo just after 01:00 this morning. Firefighters quickly realized that the complex was beyond saving and focused on saving the nearby riding school.

Mar 30 '15 11:55

The horseback riding school for disabled people, Stichting Paardrijden Gehandicapten IJsselmuiden, was broken in to for the 5th time this weekend, RTV Oost reports.

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Sep 15 '14 13:54

Police are in pursuit of one or more animal abusers after eighty horses were found to be maimed this past year across the country. Animals were found to have suffered torture to their bodies and genitals, leading police to fear that criminals may also be a danger to the community.

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Jun 11 '14 21:31

Police are looking for people who have severely mistreated many horses all over the Netherlands. Ten horses were injured in Noord Brabant, more specifically, in Den Dungen, Sint-Oedenrode and Oirschot. On Tuesday, the investigation started and 50 tips were revealed.

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Apr 26 '13 08:23

The animal authorities arrested two women from Rotterdam on Thursday on suspicion of neglecting 29 horses. This was announced by the police.

On April 11, the police and the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) investigated a site at the Ziedewijdsekade in Barendrecht (Zuid Holland) where the horses were kept. It was suspected that the animals were malnourished and poorly housed. A stall on the property had room only for five horses.

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