May 18 '15 11:53

Eighteen year old Paul Brands, baseball player for the Hoofdorp baseball club Vaessen Pioneers, has signed a professional contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He left for Florida on Friday to prepare for the new season.

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May 5 '15 09:16

Remembrance Day did not go smoothly in some places in the Netherlands. Bergen op Zoom, Zoetermeer and Hoofdorp had disturbances to deal with. And the Bourdon Bell on the Waalsdorpervlakte in The Hague broke.

Mar 27 '15 10:15

Large parts of Noord-Holland and Flevoland is sitting without power. The rail traffic in northern parts of the Netherlands has come to a standstill due to this power outage. Many hospitals are also without power.

Mar 13 '15 15:00

Bianca (44), the NS conductress that was severely assaulted on the station in Hoofdorp last week, is still in the hospital. She is recovering from three fractures in her face, AD reports.

Rotterdam Centraal
Mar 11 '15 16:19

Train conductors are striking at all train stations in Rotterdam on Wednesday afternoon, causing delays and cancellations into the evening rush hour. The conductors called the surprise labour action to draw attention to several high-profile attacks on NS conductors over the past week, the Dutch railway said.

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Mar 9 '15 07:50

Violence against train conductors seems to be turning into an everyday occurrence, with three NS employees assaulted since Friday.

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Mar 6 '15 14:30

A Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) employee was injured in an assault on Hoofdorp's railway station around midnight last night.

Jan 28 '15 13:55

A suspicious package found taped to a support beam at Leiden Centraal was determined to be a false alarm early Wednesday afternoon. The investigation is still ongoing, as police try to track down the man who hung the mysterious black garbage bag.

Stolen Luxury Merchandise
Dec 19 '14 08:59

Four men have been arrested following an investigation into the theft of luxury goods worth "several tens of thousands of euros" from an airliner's passenger jets, the Marechaussee military police say. Two of the suspects are employed by the airline, while the other two were caught after trying to sell the goods online.

Dec 9 '14 11:28

On Tuesday morning dozens of people were evacuated because of a fire in the Spaarne Hospital in Hoofdorp, reported a spokesperson for the fire brigade.

According to the fire brigade, the fire broke out in a nursing ward on the third floor. 11 patients were evacuated from the ward. An additional 26 patients had to be moved to a different part of the hospital after the smoke moved in the direction of another ward. All evacuees were examined in a safe part of the building.

Nov 19 '14 14:29

On Wednesday morning around 01:00 a.m. the police arrested three teenagers for stealing a car.

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