An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
Jan 28 '15 06:51

NS conductor Bert Roberti was assaulted so severely in the train from Helmond to Eindhoven on Sunday night, that he lost consciousness. "Someone called me a dirty faggot and punched me on the back of the head." Roberti suffered a concussion.

Jan 26 '15 14:41

Ikram Azarfane from Helmond has received thousands of responses on a letter of kindness she left in a magazine on at train.

Iman El Alami Amaouch, alias Alami abu Hamza
Jan 22 '15 13:10

A radical imam, who was sent away by several mosques in the Belgian town of Verviers, has preached regularly in the Netherlands in recent years. Imam Alami abu Hamza preached in the Al Fadjr mosque in Helmond, among others. He was scheduled to preach again next month, but the Helmond mosque has let him know that he is no longer welcome after it became clear that the imam calls for violence.

Jan 20 '15 12:06

Faig B. (29) from Helmond was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in The Hague. According to the judges, B. shot and killed three young women "in a ruthless manner", committed homicide on the mother of one of the victims and seriously injured the same victim's father. B. was previously also sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in Dordrecht.

no image
Dec 24 '14 16:10

A court in Den Bosch denied a request by defense attorneys to dismiss the judges assigned to the trial of Jos de G. The man is accused of the 1995 rape and murder of 15-year-old Nicole van den Hurk.

Nov 24 '14 13:19

At about 22:30 p.m. on Saturday, the police arrested a 40 year old man from Helmond under heavy resistance.

Stock image of a handcuffed woman
Oct 2 '14 15:09

On Tuesday, September 30th, the police arrested four people at a commercial building on Kalmoesstraat, Eindhoven, on suspicion of trafficking in narcotics.

Oct 1 '14 12:05

The Public Prosecutor announced today that the prisoner from the psychiatric ward De Rooyse Wissel who escaped on Thursday during a supervised leave, has been arrested again.

Amsterdam police
Apr 18 '14 14:32

A 28-year old man from Lieshout was arrested Thursday afternoon in Helmond after it appeared that he took a brooding swan from the Warande nature area.

PSV stadium Eindhoven
Feb 14 '14 14:19

Two men from Helmond, aged 26 and 23, have been apprehended for stealing from a skybox in the PSV-Eindhoven stadium.

no image
Jan 17 '14 11:53

Police in the Netherlands arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of the rape and murder of Nicole van den Hurk nearly two decades ago. New DNA evidence gave detectives the opening they needed to make the arrest, police say.

no image
Nov 1 '13 00:01

In Helmond, two officers were injured by a fire in a home. The resident had possibly turned on the gas . The officer suffered minor burns to their arms and face. The resident was killed.

no image
Oct 14 '13 00:06

A man died in Helmond last night, while running from the police. He drowned in his attempt to shake off law enforcement officers.

no image
May 3 '13 08:23

An unidentified man was burned to death due to a short circuit inside an abandoned building on the Mierloseweg in Helmond on Friday. This was according to the police, who suspected that the man had tried to steal copper.

A bystander, who heard a bang around 2:00 am and then saw a fire, alerted the emergency services.


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