Jul 15 '19 07:52

Traffic accidents throughout the Netherlands cost the lives of seven people over the weekend. Two children, both age 7, are in critical condition after being thrown from a car during an accident on the A50 near Ravenstein on Sunday evening. 

Lady Justice
Nov 30 '17 16:40

A 39-year-old Amsterdam man accused of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl and forcing her to marry him convicted on Thursday. He was sentenced to two years in prison, according to news wire ANP.

The man was acquitted of terrorism related charges, and planning a trip to war-torn Syria.

The teenaged girl is from the small Noord-Brabant village of Heesch. She was missing for several weeks spanning July and August in 2016.

Aug 24 '16 15:10

Erik Derijks from Heesch and his wife are pleased about the arrest of the Polish man who hit their 2-year-old daughter and her grandparents with his car in Meijel, Limburg in 2013. "We are pleased that he will serve his sentence", he said to Omroep Brabant. "Now there's a line under the legal part. That is important for closure."

Feb 19 '16 13:00

There will be no asylum center in the Brabant town of Heesch. The municipal council of Bernheze voted against it on Thursday

Feb 18 '16 13:30

Five Heesch residents were banned from parts of the Noord-Brabant town after a few dozen people were seen hanging anti-asylum center flyers all over the village on Tuesday

Feb 8 '16 18:34

White people were seen dressing up in blackface during several events connected to Carnival festivities held over the past few days around the Netherlands. Dressing up in blackface is a serious problem that casts aside black people and their concerns, says activist Mimi from anti-discrimination organization MAD Mothers.

Feb 4 '16 08:52

There will be no large asylum center in Heesch, following violent protests against the arrival of some 500 asylum seekers in the small Brabant town. A majority in the city council voted against the center, the municipality of Bernheze announced on Wednesday

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Jan 29 '16 15:40

The Dutch association of journalists NVJ and Omroep Flevoland is considering going to court because of emergency decree at public meetings, such as debates about asylum centers. An emergency ordinance means that the press can be denied access to the meeting, and the NVJ wants the court to stop this

Lady Justice
Jan 27 '16 11:06

Eighteen suspects are appearing in court on Wednesday and Thursday in connection with a violent attack on an emergency asylum shelter in Woerden in October last year

Jan 26 '16 09:28

A meeting about the planned asylum center in Heesch on Monday night was relatively quiet. About a thousand protesters gathered near the town hall, but left again an hour later without incident. Two people were arrested, one for lighting fireworks and another for refusing to identify himself

Jan 21 '16 14:50

A so-called "kogelbrief", or "bullet letter" in English was delivered to the municipality of Bernheze on Wednesday afternoon, according to the police. The police on what exactly the letter says, but did state that it contained threats to do with the possible arrival of an asylum center in the town of Heesch, which falls under the municipality of Bernheze.

Sietse Fritsma
Jan 20 '16 14:05

Anti-Islam party PVV denounced violence and riots surrounding the talks of opening asylum centers in various parts of the country during a debate in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament on Tuesday

Jan 19 '16 14:15

Most of the people involved in the anti-asylum center riots in the Brabant town of Heesch on Monday night, are not from the town itself. The three rioters that were arrested are young men from Geffen and Oss

Jan 19 '16 07:27

An emergency decree was proclaimed in the Brabant town of Heesch on Monday night after anti-asylum protesters started pelting the police with fireworks, stones and eggs. The demonstration ended with the riot police intervening and forcing everyone to go home. Three people were arrested. No one was injured.

Jan 14 '16 08:33

Two dead piglets were found at the site of a planned asylum center in the Noord-Brabant town of Heesch. The pigs were accompanied by signs against the asylum center. One read: "People say no to asylum center"

Apr 7 '15 11:52

The police found an illegal cannabis plantation in a shed in Heesch where a 63 year old woman was shot in the leg around 02:15 a.m. on Monday. Her son has been arrested in connection with this, Brabants Dagblad reports.

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