Guinness book of World Records

The most expensive burger in the world has a price tag of €2,000 and was created by Dutch chef Diego Buik
Jun 12 '17 14:35

Dutch chef Diego Buik made his way into the Guinness Book of World Records by making a hamburger with a price tag of 2 thousand euros. Whether paying so much for a burger is worth it, probably depends on the eater. Buik himself had a better burger in London for 14 British pounds, he said to food blog Munchies.

Buik is head chef at restaurant South of Huston in The Hague and is known as the unofficial burger king of the Netherlands. He made the expensive burger in Zaandam for International Hamburger Day. The ingredients are listed below:

Feb 25 '16 15:05

A group of elderly ladies in the Uiterjoon nursing home in Scheveningen broke a world record by knitting a scarf that is 3.320 kilometers long, almost 500 meters longer than the previous record of 2869.15 meters.

World's Largest Tetris Board
Dec 2 '14 20:31

Mega Tetris, created by Thor, is the world's largest Tetris game played ever. This Monday, their game has broken the world record earning their giant game board an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Jun 3 '14 09:17

The making of the world's biggest meatball has been achieved by butcher Johannes Hoekstra from Leeuwarden, with a little help from Groningen butcher Rieks Kroon with a delivery of 643 kilograms of mince. The team has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Giel Beelen
May 20 '14 07:40

Radio 3FM presenter Giel Beelen won the world record for non-stop radio broadcasting. He reached the previous record of 190 hours at 4 a.m, and established his own record an hour later.

no image
May 12 '14 12:09

Giel Beelen, DJ for 3FM, started this morning with his attempt to beat the world record for radio broadcasting. He has to keep presenting for 190 hours straight, which amounts to almost eight days.

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