Oct 2 '15 14:40

Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan announced his desire to win a nomination for a second six-year term in a letter to city council on Friday. Van der Laan sent the letter after first discussing the situation with the King's Commissioner, a liaison between municipalities and the Dutch cabinet.

Sep 11 '15 09:43

The government should be more aggressive in seizing criminals' earnings. At this stage the Netherlands is only seizing about 1 percent of the estimated 9.3 billion euros earned every year through drug trafficking, arms trafficking and human trafficking.

Sep 8 '15 08:59

The Cabinet announced on Monday night that 290 million euros has been set aside to increase childcare benefits. Industry association Kinderopvang expects that this could create some 8 thousand jobs in childcare.

Sep 1 '15 16:45

The power given to Dutch intelligence agencies to spy on the people of the Netherlands is dangerously imbalanced, The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights stated on Tuesday. The watchdog commented on the proposed new Intelligence and Security Law currently making its way through Dutch parliament.

Aug 17 '15 15:14

Too many primary schools do not have access to a proper internet connection. This threatens to deprive 900 thousand pupils of modern education in the coming years, thousands of pupils are already affected.

Aug 13 '15 09:08

The number of reported cyber attacks on the Dutch government's systems and websites has doubled over the past two years. The National Cyber Security Center currently receive reports of an attack almost on a daily basis.

Jul 23 '15 13:04

Employers in the cleaning industry want the government to reverse the decision to employ permanent cleaners from next year, said Piet Adema, president of the employers' organization OSB

Jul 9 '15 09:18

Secondary schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods do not have enough money in the budget to provide their students with the extra lessons or care they need for a proper education.

Jun 17 '15 12:01

Sources close to the secret cabinet negotiations on a package of tax reforms say that the government is planning to increase sales tax on many goods and services to generate an extra five billion euros in revenues, according to the NRC. The cabinet wants to raise the tax to balance out an effective cut in income tax for many living in the Netherlands.

Jun 16 '15 14:45

Standard male or female gender information may soon disappear from government documents. The idea is advocated by the both the right and left wing parties making up the ruling coalition, the VVD and PvdA.

Jun 11 '15 18:05

The Netherlands wants to reach a new arrangement on the proposed distribution of refugees in Europe, and the country is not alone. Germany, France and Belgium all plan to take their claim to the European Commission that other countries in Europe need to take on more asylum seekers, and firmly commit to arranging provisions for those who will be in their care.

Jun 11 '15 16:50

The coalition parties reached an agreement on reform of the tax system, State Secretary Eric Wiebes announced on Wednesday. The announcement came amid increasing pressure from the opposition that the cabinet cannot find a compromise on the tax reform.

Jun 10 '15 16:55

It is uncertain whether the government can achieve 500 million in savings through long-term care cutbacks for the elderly and chronically ill, the Dutch Court of Audit announced Wednesday. Further investigation is needed to determine whether reducing regional disparities in care provisions can result in lower costs.

Jun 9 '15 13:25

The Netherlands is planning to give up its unused, extra greenhouse gas allocation, the allowable amount the country may release into the atmosphere. In doing so, the Dutch government hopes to set an example to other countries in the European Union and those onboard with the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the Cabinet revealed in a statement on Tuesday.

Jun 4 '15 16:05

There are 152 directors of care facilities for the elderly who have a higher salary than the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, reports labor union FNV. The highest-paid care center executive is Wander Blaauw from Zorgpartners Friesland, whose annual income last year was almost 400,000 euros, more than double the 178,000 euros earned by Rutte.

Jun 2 '15 16:29

A coalition of auto associations sent a letter to the cabinet outlining an alternative taxation plan for the car market. They are calling on lesser market distortion, greater simplicity of regulation and more incentives for producers of electric cars.

Jun 1 '15 16:50

The government is allocating over 70 million euros into improving vocational higher education. The cabinet gave a go-ahead to 29 projects aimed at innovating vocational training in the Netherlands.

May 28 '15 16:51

The new financial advisory board (FSC) of the government believe that maximum mortgage in the country should not exceed 90 of the house price. They say it would help prevent people getting stuck with residual debt.

May 26 '15 18:43

The Netherlands owe even more money to the EU in additional tax than previously thought, reports Telegraaf. The amount due is estimated at 133 million euros, which comes on top of 1.1 billion euros already paid in additional taxes to the European Union last year.

May 26 '15 11:02

The number of people who need professional debt counselling increased in 2014. The average debt also increased.

May 22 '15 18:06

Six weeks after the end of the Maagdenhuis occupation, the extent of damage to the University of Amsterdam is still not clear. UvA estimates the harm caused at half a million euros, but the damage evaluation is still in progress.

Music Lesson
May 21 '15 16:50

The government is planning to invest 25 million euros in training teachers in giving music lessons at schools. The money is coming from the Ministry of Education over the period of the following five years, reports AD.

Jasper van Dijk
May 21 '15 16:07

Socialist Party MP Jasper van Dijk presented a memorandum on Thursday with 30 proposals for reforming university education in the Netherlands. The plan comes in response to the occupation of Maagdenhuis, which was a "wake-up call for universities, but also politically."

Rutte Hebdo
May 20 '15 23:40

The current coalition government received harsh criticism in the annual Court of Audit report for its inability to solve problems in implementing policies without causing havoc at affected ministries. At its core, the report states that the government wants to achieve much, but puts too little thought into planning and executing policy especially in cases of budget cuts.


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