gas extraction in Groningen

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Apr 19 '16 11:23

National gas extraction in the Netherlands dropped by more than a quarter last year to just over 51 billion cubic meters. The decrease was compensated for by imports, mainly from Norway and Russia, according to figures Statistics Netherlands published on Tuesday.

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Sep 10 '15 15:30

On Thursday the Council of State is handling 41 appeals against Economic Minister Henk Kamp's gas decision for Groningen. Earthquake area residents, municipalities, water boards, interest groups and the province want the gas extraction in the province to be stopped completely, or at least further reduced.

Jun 23 '15 10:32

Gas extraction in Groningen may be reduced even further for the rest of this year. Sources from within the Binnenhof told NU that the total gas extraction for 2015 may be capped at 30 billion cubic meters, instead of the 39.5 billion cubic meters agreed upon earlier this year.

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Jan 17 '14 17:36

Following growing residents’ concerns overs the risk of earthquakes, the Dutch government has agreed to cut gas production in Groningen.

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Jan 15 '14 15:27

A majority of MPs wants reducing natural gas extraction in Groningen, Telegraaf reported on Wednesday.

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