TU Delft's Hyperloop capsule stands ready for a race in Hawthorne, California, 30 Jan 2017
Nov 6 '17 13:10

The Netherlands must take the lead in developing the hyperloop by making sure that the country gets the first test track for this high speed transport system, a number of Dutch companies wrote in a letter to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, which covers Transport, reports.

Last KLM flight with a Fokker 70 lands at Schiphol, 28 Oct 2017
Oct 30 '17 12:50

With a flight from London to Amsterdam, Dutch airline KLM said its final goodbyes to the Fokker 70 plane. The last KLM flight with a Fokker 70 landed on Schiphol airport around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. And on Sunday a Fokker monument was unveiled at Schiphol Oost. 

KLM decided to part with the Fokker planes because their maintenance became too expensive, NOS reports. The planes were discontinued in 1996, making it difficult to find parts. Over the past years, KLM still flew with seven Fokker planes. 

KLM Fokker 70 crop
Jun 7 '16 17:00

Airline KLM is saying goodbye to its last Fokker 70 plane on October 29th next year, thereby putting an end to a 100 year period of Fokker planes in the KLM fleet

KLM Fokker 70 crop
Jul 28 '15 11:22

Dutch airplane company Fokker Technologies is being taken over by British company GKN Aerospace. On Tuesday GKN announced that it is acquiring Fokker for 706 million euros from British investor Arle Capital.

KLM Fokker 70 crop
Mar 31 '15 08:50

KLM is buying 17 new aircraft of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer to replace the Fokker 70 from 2018, Het Parool reports. The replacement of the F70's means that KLM will not be lfying any Fokker aircraft for the first time in 80 years.

Jan 14 '15 16:07

Dutch aircraft firm Fokker Technologies signed a new contract with US aerospace company Lockheed Martin to supply wing components for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). The deal signed last week in the Hague, is believed to be worth tens of millions of euros.

no image
Aug 8 '14 13:53

A collection of a high-up political officials including the prime minister and finance minister make frequent use of the Dutch royal family's government-owned aircraft following a ban on politicians' use of private jets. Ministers and State Secretaries have used the flight, a Fokker 70 designated as PH-KBX, twice as often as members of the royal family, according to a report in AD.

Jul 2 '14 14:13

A Dutch-manufactured cargo plane crashed into a building in Kenya's capital, Nairobi early Wednesday morning. According to Reuters, all four passengers including pilot and co-pilot, were killed in the crash.

no image
Feb 4 '14 08:57

The maintenance branch of aircraft manufacturers Fokker will cut 200 of the nearly 730 jobs in the Netherlands.  Fokker Services hopes this will help to stagnate the pressure of decreasing turnovers for the maintenance of old Fokker aircrafts, and increase efficiency. This is from an announcement Fokker made yesterday. The measures are unavoidable, says Fokker Services director Peter Somers.

no image
Jan 6 '14 09:29

Aircraft maintenance company Fokker Services is expected to announce layoffs in mid-February, newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad reported. The firm works exclusively on maintenance of Fokker aircraft built before the company went bankrupt in 1996.

no image
Oct 26 '13 02:39

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: the commotion around Zwarte Piet, Greenpeace still trying to free their crew, Netherlands and Russia trying resolve their recent issues with one another, and of course the American NSA

no image
Oct 23 '13 18:28

Hoofddorp-based Fokker Services announced that it will perform a VIP completion of a green ACJ319 for an undisclosed customer.

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