Apr 27 '16 09:53

Schiphol management, security companies and trade unions met on Tuesday to discuss reducing the workload of security staff at the airport in an effort to avoid a strike

Apr 26 '16 12:40

Brabant bus firm Arriva is going cashless from January 1st, 2018 in response to numerous violent robberies on buses over the past months, Omroep Brabant reports.

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Apr 20 '16 07:28

Shell is cutting some 2 thousand jobs in the Netherlands. The oil company aims to get rid of 15 to 20 percent of the abut 10 thousand employees working in Amsterdam and Rijswijk as part of a cost cutting plan to cope with the low oil prices

Schiphol Airport
Apr 8 '16 09:38

Union FNV is threatening with a security personnel strike at Schiphol airport if something is not done quickly to alleviate the workload on the staff. The union gave the airport until April 26th to make proper arrangements with the security firms and unions.

Apr 5 '16 09:31

The Dutch government loses out on billions of euros due to Dutch companies evading their taxes, according to union FNV, based on a study by SOMO, a foundation that investigates multinational companies

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Mar 23 '16 07:53

The trains traveling between the Netherlands and Belgium are running again as usual on Wednesday, NS announced. The first two trains two the Netherlands' southern neighbors - a Thalys and an Intercity - already departed.

Mar 22 '16 12:36

The Ministry of Security and Justice plans to close at least eight prisons and three juvenile detention centers in the next six years. Union FNV calls the 1,900 lost jobs accompanying this decision "unacceptable". "Last year State Secretary Fred Teeven that no new closures will follow. Van der Steur is breaking that promise with these announcements", union manager Frans Carbo said

Schiphol Airport
Mar 9 '16 12:36

The implementation of the new Central Security system at Schiphol only increased the workload and pressure on security staff at the airport, according to a study done by union FNV. This is leading to longer lines for customers and a massively increased risk of dangerous situations, the union says.

Mar 3 '16 11:38

Two employees at Shell Moerdijk were dismissed and sanctions were imposed against six others because of the 27.7 ton toxic gas leak at the plant between November and January, according to Union FNV. The gas leak poses no long- or short term risks for public health, according to a study done by the public health service and the RIVM

Feb 17 '16 07:34

Amsterdam public transit operator GVB are permanently deploying extra security guards on buses, at bus shelters and at end stops, especially in Amsterdam-Noord where five bus drivers were violently robbed over the past three months.

Container Terminal
Jan 7 '16 15:30

The Rotterdam port workers are starting a 24 hour strike starting at 3:15 p.m. on Thursday. Unions FNV and CNV hope that the strike will bring all parties back to the table to discuss more job security in the port. If it does not work, more strikes will likely follow

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Dec 30 '15 09:45

Pharmacy chain DA was officially declared bankrupt by the court in Amsterdam on Tuesday, but a takeover by the Nederlandse Drogisterij Service means that the pharmacy will not completely disappear. The takeover does come with some job losses however, union FNV stated on Tuesday based on a letter to the staff.

Dec 23 '15 08:47

Financially troubled retailer V&D is back on the road to bankruptcy. The company filed for suspension of payments on Tuesday and the court in Amsterdam granted it on Wednesday morning

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Dec 21 '15 14:30

A group of Ikea Netherlands employees wrote to the 89 year old founder of the Swedish furniture giant Ingvar Kamprad to complain about the "culture of fear" and work pressure present in the retail chain.

Dec 15 '15 15:05

Nearly 400 supermarkets will be open on Christmas Day across the Netherlands this year. Although that is only about ten percent of all stores in the country, it is double the number of last year’s open stores.

Nov 27 '15 13:45

TSN Thuiszorg, the largest home care organization in the Netherlands, applied for postponement of payment. Given that postponement of payment is often a prelude to bankruptcy, some 12 thousand jobs are now at risk.

Nov 27 '15 08:49

Parliament can soon expect a letter stating that more time for consultation on increasing the youth minimum wage is needed, because the topic has the ruling coalition divided. The PvdA is in favor of bringing the youth minimum wage closer to the normal minimum wage. The VVD fears that doing so will result in a loss of jobs.

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Oct 27 '15 11:23

The number of people belonging to a labor union in the Netherlands has declined for the fifth year in a row. At the end of March this year a total of 1.7 million people belonged to a union, 55 thousand less than in March 2014 and at the lowest level since 1991.

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Oct 26 '15 15:40

Trade union FNV has reached a collective bargaining agreement with department store De Bijenkorf in which the store's young employees will be paid full adult wages instead of the reduced youth wage. “Young people will no longer be fobbed off with youth wage. An 18-year-old and a 23-year-old doing the same job are entitled to the same pay. Equal pay for equal work.” FNV manager Niels Suijker said.

Oct 19 '15 13:41

Ambulance workers will again be striking for a better collective bargaining agreement this week. The strikes will happen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in different regions spread over the Netherlands, union FNV Care & Welfare announced on Sunday.

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Oct 15 '15 08:30

Travelers in Amsterdam and Utrecht had to struggle through Thursday morning's rush hour without public transport. Public transit employees in these two cities are striking between 5:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. The strike affected buses, trams and metros.

Oct 13 '15 13:00

Minister Lodewijk Asscher of Social Affairs wants measures to be taken to facilitate the entry of refugees into the Dutch labor market. He discussed his concerns with employers, trade unions and refugee organizations in a meeting at his ministry on Monday night.

Oct 13 '15 08:36

Strikes over the salary deal for public servants will be hitting the public transit in Amsterdam and Utrecht on Thursday morning. There will be no buses, trams or subways traveling in these two cities between 5:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., union FNV announced.

Ploumen and Zeybekci
Oct 8 '15 12:36

Minister of Foreign Trade Lilianne Ploumen said the controversial arbitration clause of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is already "dead and buried." She made the comment about the Investor State Dispute Settlement after receiving a petition to boycott the TTIP, a far-reaching trade agreement between the United States and Europe, signed by 110 thousand people in the Netherlands.


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