Sep 2 '16 08:43

Employees working at Tata Steel will be holding large demonstrations at the steel mill in IJmuiden soon to show their dissatisfaction over a possible merger with German rival ThyssenKrupp. Some 4 thousand jobs could be lost in this merger. The Dutch government should intervene, according to Ineke Dezentje hamming-Bluemink of employers organization FME.

Aug 31 '16 12:45

KLM CEO Pieter Elbers thinks it currently more important to invest in new aircraft and equipment than to increase wages for the airline's employees, he said in an internal webcast for employees that Het Parool managed to see. The airline wants to invest another 2 billion euros over the next four years, but that will not go towards wage increases.

Aug 26 '16 12:30

KLM ground crew will not be allowed to strike at Schiphol airport until September 5th, the Amsterdam court ruled on Friday in the appeal filed by union FNV. The court therefore upholds the strike ban implemented by the Haarlem court two weeks ago

Aug 23 '16 08:51

Union FNV has a good chance of winning the appeal against a court ruling that banned any strikes by KLM ground crew at Schiphol until September 4th, Barend Barentsen, professor of Labor Law at the University of Leiden, said to BNR.

Aug 12 '16 07:36

On Thursday the court in Haarlem ruled that the ground crew at KLM are not allowed to strike until September 4th, citing holiday crowds and terrorist threats as reason. Union FNV will appeal

KLM Cityhopper
Aug 4 '16 07:46

The court in Haarlem blocked a strike for part of the KLM ground crew union FNV had planned for Wednesday night. The court decided it needs more time to consider the matter and will give a final ruling on August 11th. Until then FNV can not arrange a strike involving KLM ground staff

Aug 3 '16 07:30

A large part of KLM's ground crew will be striking at Schiphol from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, union FNV announced. During this time no luggage will be loaded or unloaded and no planes will be guided to the runway

KLM Cityhopper
Jul 28 '16 08:34

The ground staff of Dutch airline KLM is striking on Thursday, union FNV announced. Between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. participating staff members will not load any cargo onto airplanes, only unload

Jul 27 '16 10:05

Part of KLM's ground staff will be striking on Thursday to reinforce their demands for a better collective bargaining agreement, union FNV announced on Wednesday

KLM Cityhopper
Jul 27 '16 07:59

KLM will not be giving in to union FNV's ultimatum in the talks for better working conditions for the airline's ground crew, the Dutch airline said on Tuesday. According to KLM, responding to FNV's demands "would be irresponsible given the situation of the company"

Jul 19 '16 08:47

Negotiations between union FNV Luchtvaart and the KLM management on a new collective bargaining agreement for the ground staff, reached a stalemate on Monday, Mariette van Dijk of FNV confirmed

Jul 13 '16 09:09

A massive 4 thousand jobs could be lost should Tata Steel merge with German rival ThyssenKrup, union FNV said to RTV Noord-Holland.

Jun 23 '16 15:00

From Monday firefighters in the Netherlands will only respond to emergencies in a protest for a better retirement scheme. The unions announced this action after the employers did not responded to their ultimatum, which expired at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday

Jun 21 '16 12:20

After more than a year of unmet demands for a better pension plan, firefighters across the Netherlands are planning labor actions. Negotiations fell apart to the point that employers no longer even show up for them, according to union FNV

Afghanistan construction center graduates third class
Jun 8 '16 16:00

Many employers want to get rid of arrangements that ensure their employees have a healthy and safe work environment, says trade union FNV. According to the union, numerous sectors have problems with too heavy workloads, but employers thwart attempts to rectify this

Jun 8 '16 08:04

Trade union FNV knew for years that commercial bakers were exposed to asbestos that was processed in furnaces, but chose to hide that information, according to television program Zembla. The union vehemently denies these accusations

Jun 3 '16 08:04

On Thursday union FNV reached an agreement with Schiphol airport and involved security companies on better working conditions for security personnel. Among other things, the agreement involves security staff spending less time on their feet and having more chance at a permanent position

Schiphol Airport
Jun 1 '16 09:05

About 500 Schiphol guards, luggage handlers, cargo handlers, cabin staff and cleaners will be participating in a march from Schiphol Plaza to the airport's headquarters, according to trade union FNV.

May 30 '16 12:50

A 20 minute long security guard strike at Schiphol airport caused caused waiting times of over an hour for passengers waiting to get through security on Sunday evening. On Twitter some passengers reported that the line is stretching to outside the departure hall.

May 25 '16 10:41

Union FNV's Occupational Diseases office is now representing a group of 25 former employees of DuPont's old Lycra factory. The office wants a compensation scheme for these employees, who all suffer from health problems that could be linked to working with toxic substance DMAc, RTV Rijnmond reports.

May 23 '16 14:30

In order to maintain the current workforce at KLM, further cuts on wages and working conditions are "inevitable", KLM CEO Pieter Elbers said to Het Parool on Monday. If no cuts are made, the workforce will have to be reduced. KLM therefore wants to implement collective bargaining proposals for its ground staff, despite objections from the unions.

Schiphol Airport
May 17 '16 07:55

Security employees at Schiphol airport are planning a strike in an effort to reduce their workload, union FNV announced. The time and details of the protest will be discussed on Tuesday.

Apr 27 '16 09:53

Schiphol management, security companies and trade unions met on Tuesday to discuss reducing the workload of security staff at the airport in an effort to avoid a strike

Apr 26 '16 12:40

Brabant bus firm Arriva is going cashless from January 1st, 2018 in response to numerous violent robberies on buses over the past months, Omroep Brabant reports.


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