Oct 25 '16 10:25

The storms and heavy rainfalls that hit the Netherlands in July last year regionally resulted in a significant increase in fire damage claims received by Dutch insurers. While the total number of fire claims for 2015 is about the same as 2014, the peaks happened in provinces affected by the summer storms, according to the Risk Monitor for Property Fire, the Telegraaf reports. 

 crime scene tape
Oct 7 '16 14:20

A man was killed in an apartment fire in Amsterdam on Thursday night. The police believe a crime was involved and an investigation is ongoing at the scene on Friday

Oct 4 '16 14:00

Plastics processors Blok Plastic was completely destroyed by a raging fire on Tuesday morning. It took firefighters about 7 hours to get the fire under control

Oct 4 '16 08:02

A very large fire is raging at plastics processors Blok Plastic in Breukelen on Tuesday morning. Firefighters are struggling to keep the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings. Eleven residents of business houses were evacuated

Sep 21 '16 07:29

A large fire broke out on the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam on Wednesday morning. Firefighters managed to extinguish it in a couple of hours. They are currently examining the different levels of the building to assess the damage. The expectation is that employees will be able to go to work as usual this morning

Sep 14 '16 09:17

One person was injured in a fire at an asylum center in the Flevoland village of Luttelgeest, a spokesperson for the fire department confirmed to news wire ANP. The extent of his injuries is unclear.

Sep 5 '16 13:10

A 32-year-old suicidal Almere man caused massive amounts of damage when he crashed his car into gas station De Andel on the A12 near Gouda on Saturday night. His car hit a gas pump, which caught fire and destroyed a large part of the gas station

Gavel (Source: Wikimedia/Brian Turner)
Sep 2 '16 10:36

Leeuwarden city councilor Wyb Feddema is facing manslaughter charges for a fire in 2013 in which a 24-year-old student was killed

Aug 30 '16 09:31

A power outage in and around Vinkeveen and Loosdrecht brought train traffic between Amsterdam and Utrecht to a standstill for some time on Monday night. The train traffic is now back on track and NS reports no delays between the two cities.

Aug 30 '16 07:55

Three seasonal workers were hospitalized for smoke inhalation after a nursery in Nuenen caught fire during the early hours of Tuesday morning. The three Polish women were staying in one of the nursery's sheds

Aug 29 '16 07:36

One person was killed and four others injured in a fire at a nursing home in the Zeeland town of Krabbendijke on Sunday afternoon. The police are investigating the cause of the fire

Aug 15 '16 11:30

A 4-year-old boy passed away in hospital after being seriously injured in an explosion in a basement box on Donker Curtiusstraat in Schiedam on Friday. Three adults were also injured and are still in hospital

Aug 15 '16 07:45

A 24-year-old man was arrested in Rotterdam on Sunday for a fire in an apartment building on Favrestraat. Two people and a dog were injured in the fire

Aug 15 '16 07:27

A large fire at a farm in Orvelte, Drenthe killed some 15 thousand chickens during the early hours of Monday morning. No one else was injured

Aug 12 '16 14:40

A large fire in a Dycore oil plant on Ambachtsweg in Oosterhout on Friday led to the evacuation of homes and businesses in a 500 meter radius around the fire. Local residents are "urgently asked" to keep their windows and doors closed and to stay out of the smoke.

Aug 8 '16 14:05

A massive fire is raging in the dunes on Schrool on Monday afternoon, the local safety office announced on Twitter. The office advises people to stay out of the area due to large amounts of smoke.

Jul 28 '16 07:46

A Dirk van den Broek store in Volendam burnt to the ground in a massive fire on Thursday morning. The supermarket can be considered lost, according to the local safety office

Jul 28 '16 07:32

A barn on a pig farm in Erp, Noord-Brabant, caught fire late on Tuesday night. The barn was completely destroyed. "A thousand pigs were probably killed by the fire", a spokesperson for the police said to

Jul 27 '16 07:36

Wednesday morning started with two large fires in the Netherlands. In Zoetermeer a pallet company is on fire, while in Udel a garden center is ablaze. A large amount of smoke is coming from both fires and local residents are advised to keep windows and doors closed and stay out of the smoke.

Jul 26 '16 09:01

A police chase on the A1 during the early hours of Tuesday morning ended in a car catching fire, three suspects arrested and two injured police officers going to the hospital

Jul 25 '16 07:51

A firefighter was injured while fighting a fire in a restaurant on Spaarndammerstraat in Amsterdam on Sunday night, the Amsterdam fire department said on Twitter. As far as is known, no one else was injured.

Jul 22 '16 10:55

One person was killed in a fire in an apartment building on Eduard Schilderinkstraat in Doetinchem during the early hours of Friday morning

Geldrop accident fire
Jul 6 '16 06:48

A practice run for firefighters in Geldrop spiralled out of control Tuesday night leading to a large scale fire in a landmark building. The monument on Stationsstraat in the Noord-Brabant town was vacant at the time of the fire.

Jun 27 '16 10:47

A large fire broke out at recycling center Huiskes Metaal on Centaurusweg in Tilburg on Monday morning. An NL-Alert was sent warning local residents to stay out of the smoke, keep windows and doors closed and turn off the ventilation


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