Mar 4 '14 17:02

The man, who set himself on fire, Friday evening near a bus stop, close to the entrance of a supermarket on the Aagje Dekenstraat, died Sunday. The victim was taken to the burn center in Rotterdam by trauma helicopter, critically injured.

Mar 3 '14 09:21

The prince float in Sint-Oedenrode was ravaged by the fire on Sunday afternoon.

Feb 24 '14 19:27

A 15-year-old teen from Rotterdam, Felix, became the hero of Mühlbach am Hochkönig, a village in Austria, where his family was vacationing, when he saved his family and 3 other families they were vacationing with from a fire.

Fire Truck
Feb 21 '14 10:00

One woman died, and a man was injured at a spreading fire at a home on the Hovenstraat in the Landsgraaf of Limburg last night.

Feb 18 '14 07:17

Three people have been taken to hospital after a fire broke out in a flat in Ridderkerk, Zuid Holland

Fire Truck
Feb 6 '14 10:44

The fire department has evacuated an apartment complex on the Harmoniestraat in the Heerlen quarters of Hoensbroek this morning, after a spreading fire broke out.

Feb 4 '14 10:10

In the Frisian village of Mirns, hundreds of goats and three horses perished in a barn fire.

Feb 3 '14 07:29

Last night, a huge fire destroyed an office building on the Melissaweg in Amsterdam, according to the fire department.

Jan 17 '14 04:35

Police have not been able to determine the cause of the large fire that started in a grill room in the historic center of Deventer, and destroyed several apartments, last year on December 20th.

Jan 14 '14 12:59

Four guys, on trial for setting another on fire in The Hague last year heard demands for up to five years in jail today.

Dec 30 '13 05:59

Two people were arrested yesterday after a fire on a ferry from Newcastle to IJmuiden injured six others. Police have suggested one person may have caused the fire in a cabin when the ferry was 30 miles off the English coast on its way to the Netherlands.

Dec 26 '13 06:00

On December 20, a large fire in the historic center of Deventer destroyed several apartments.

Dec 20 '13 09:21

Firefighters battling a large fire in the historic town center of Deventer this morning have asked people to avoid the center as they evacuate buildings in the area. The fire started in an apartment above a small grill restaurant on Grote Overstraat, and spread to two neighboring buildings, according to Nos.

Dec 3 '13 13:48

At least twelve barracks were destroyed by a fire that was discovered around 5.30am in Westelijke Havengebied, the harbor area in west Amsterdam. Judging by the tires and cars that were ablaze, many of the burnt-down structures housed repair shops.

Dec 2 '13 04:35

A fire in a car caused a gas station in Geldrop to also catch fire. The fire department responded with heavy equipment and managed to quickly gain control over the fire. The station did not completely burn down.

Nov 16 '13 04:47

Firefighters found a corpse after a raging fire burned down a house on the Elizabeth Boddaerstraat in Amsterdam West on Saturday November 9th around 5:00

Nov 9 '13 00:02

The windmills of wind farms in Rijnwoude and Zoeterwoude will be stopped for two minutes Tuesday at 12.00 in memory of two mechanics who were killed last week. The tragic accident took place in Ooltgensplaat on Goeree-Overflakkee.

Oct 30 '13 00:45

A wind turbine caught fire Tuesday afternoon in Ooltgensplaat on Goeree-Overflakkee. One person did not survive, another was still missing around 19:20h, according to the police

Oct 25 '13 00:58

A 38-year-old man was arrested in connection with the major fire in Leeuwarden this past Saturday, announced the Prosecution on a press conference in Leeuwarden Thursday afternoon.

Oct 21 '13 01:46

The deceased victim of the devastating fire in a number of buildings in the city of Leeuwarden is indeed the 24-year-old resident who was missing, announced the police.

Oct 4 '13 00:34

A 46-year-old Tilburg resident tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire. He did this in front of a supermarket where there were many witnesses.

Sep 27 '13 03:24

In the center of Brummen in Gelderland a blaze destroyed a furniture store, a veterinary clinic, and a home. The fire started around midnight in the furniture store, but then spread to the clinic and the home on the second floor.

Aug 6 '13 04:36

In the first six months of this year, 75 fires raged in the Netherlands with a damage of one million euro or more. That is the highest number in 10 years time. The total loss of these fires amounted to 270.5 million euro. This was reported by the Dutch Institute of Chartered Surveyors (NIVRE) on Monday.

The institute, which maintains the quality of damage experts, monitors each quarter the number of large fires. The first quarter of this year saw already a record number of 35 of those fires. In the second quarter another forty of million euro fires, were recorded.

Jul 17 '13 07:42

The Netherlands Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey caught fire today.


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