fire department

Feb 2 '15 08:31

Thirteen people were wounded in an explosion and subsequent fire in an apartment on Moddermanstraat in Schiebroek, Rotterdam yesterday afternoon. The wounded were taken to various hospitals in the area, the Safety Region reports. The majority came away with minor injuries, only two were seriously wounded.

Jan 23 '15 07:53

A fire raged in the Ajax supporters home ear the Amsterdam Arena last night. According to the fire department, the clubhouse is almost completely burnt out. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Jan 2 '15 08:17

According to the first preliminary figures of the police, there were fewer incidents during this New Year's than last year. In 2013 the police received 8,413 reports of incidents, this year there were 8,236. This year the police made 576 arrests, compared to 824 in 2013.

Uden school fire
Jan 1 '15 11:20

The elementary schools De Brinck and Jan Bluyssen on Hoogzoggel in Uden went up in flames last night. The two schools are attached to each other. The fire spread through several classrooms.

Jan 1 '15 10:56

Two neighbors saved a baby from a burning house on Cornelis Drebbelstraat in Tilburg last night.

Jan 1 '15 10:42

The fire department rescued a disabled man from a burning house on Groenteweg in The Hague last night. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, according to a spokesperson of the fire department. The second resident of the house was also injured.

Jan 1 '15 09:52

Approximately 40 people had to be evacuated from their homes in Alkmaar because of a large fire in two buildings in the shopping street Langestraat.

Fire Hoofddorp
Dec 31 '14 09:29

The fire departments of The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam are calling on citizens to first try extinguishing fires themselves over New Year's before calling the fire department. This is because they are too busy during the turning of the year to help everywhere, De Telegraaf reports.

Dec 31 '14 08:56

A fire broke out in a thatched farmhouse in Zwaag last night. The farmhouse belongs to top criminal Nico V. Neighbors had to be evacuated as a precaution because of the smoke. They were collected in a local cafe and eventually had to spend the night elsewhere.

Dec 30 '14 13:18

Six people became ill in a clothing store in the village of Balk in Friesland, presumably due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Five of them were taken to the hospital, the fire department reports.

Dec 26 '14 12:40

The fire department rescued a dog and two cats from a burning farm in Wedde last night. The barn and house were completely destroyed. The residents were not home when the fire broke out.

Dec 26 '14 10:05

A major fire broke out yesterday in a company in Schiedam where 250 trucks are stored. Fifty empty trucks have gone up in flames. There have also been some explosions, which was caused by the car tires exploding, according to the fire department.

Dec 18 '14 09:38

The premature pacifier, the heel prick plaster and the diaper of the newborn baby that was found in a dumpster in Amsterdam Nieuw-West late October, suggests to the police that the baby girl was born in a hospital.

Dec 16 '14 08:05

About 25 homes were evacuated in Pius-X hof, Weert last night after a confused man threatened to open the gas valve and blow himself up.

Dec 9 '14 11:28

On Tuesday morning dozens of people were evacuated because of a fire in the Spaarne Hospital in Hoofdorp, reported a spokesperson for the fire brigade.

According to the fire brigade, the fire broke out in a nursing ward on the third floor. 11 patients were evacuated from the ward. An additional 26 patients had to be moved to a different part of the hospital after the smoke moved in the direction of another ward. All evacuees were examined in a safe part of the building.

Dec 8 '14 21:04

The Fire Department discovered over 20 boxes of fireworks, after extinguishing a brief, but ferocious fire that broke out in a house on Flatusstraat, Capelle aan den Ijssel, on Saturday. The police were contacted upon discovery, and further investigation lead them to finding 575 kilograms of illegal fireworks in the 46-year-old resident's home.

Dec 8 '14 11:09

Big flames were seen at the Dow chemical plant in Terneuzen on Sunday evening.

Dec 3 '14 13:45

Two buildings of the Sondervick College in Veldhoven were briefly evacuated on Wednesday after someone sprayed a self-defense spray in the shower area, the municipality announced.

Dec 3 '14 08:02

Six people were rescued from balconies on Erasmusweg in The Hague this morning after a fire broke out in their apartment building. They took refuge on the balconies while the fire raged in one of the apartments.

Dec 2 '14 10:39

A 21 year old member of the volunteer fire department in Onderbanken, Limburg has again been arrested on suspicion of involvement in arson.

Nov 28 '14 09:52

The fire department rescued five people from a burning building in The Hague last night. Four people were taken to the hospital with respiratory problems. The fifth was treated by ambulance personnel.

Nov 14 '14 08:05

Four young people were slightly injured in Ede when the first floor of a dormitory collapsed during a party on Thursday night.

Nov 13 '14 11:55

Five people were hurt by carbon monoxide poisoning in Rotterdam last night.

Baby in garbage bin
Oct 26 '14 14:42

A newborn baby was rescued from an underground garbage container overnight after someone walked by the bin and heard the girl crying. Paramedics, firefighters and police raced to the Fritz Conijnstraat in Amsterdam West at about 4:15 a.m. and found the days-old child upset, but in otherwise fair condition.


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