Jul 29 '15 11:45

A ruling made in a small trial in the court in Breda a few weeks ago, may have far reaching consequences for the state treasury. The court ruled that the owner of a house who had two undocumented Romanian workers pain the house in Roosendaal in 2013, does not have to pay the 9 thousand euro fine imposed on him

Jul 8 '15 10:38

The number of fines issued for cycling without lights decreased significantly in 2014 compared to 2011. Last year 44,316 of these fines were issued, compared to 73,008 in 2011, AD reports based on figures from the Central Collection agency.

Jul 8 '15 08:33

Utrecht has issued 4,812 fines to motorists driving in the environmental zone in the city center with too old cars - diesel cars manufactured be for 2001.

Jun 29 '15 16:25

The fine for using public transport without paying will double from 35 euros to 70 euros, State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure and Environment announced on Monday.

Jun 12 '15 09:56

Controversial taxi service UberPop is no longer offering rides to the Dutch population in general, but the service is still available to selected regular customers.

May 19 '15 09:15

The Environment and Transport Inspectorate has increased the maximum penalty for taxi company Uber from 100 thousand euros to 1 million euros. Each time a UberPop driver is caught, Uber will receive a fine of 50 thousand euros, which could add up to a total of 1 million euros.

May 18 '15 14:49

Amsterdam is tightening its control on illegal subletting of social housing. For this reason the enforcement department of the Housing Department now has 30 officers working there, 6 more than previously. The newcomers have formed a team that focuses illegal vacation rentals.

traffic fine
May 15 '15 13:15

Municipalities want to be able to hand out traffic fines for driving without a handsfree headset, cycling without a light or running stop signs themselves, in an effort to bring more money into their own coffers.

Apr 17 '15 12:34

The police court in Amsterdam fined three UberPop drivers to a fine of 1,500 euros on Friday for transporting passengers for a fee without having the necessary permits.

Apr 9 '15 14:11

The fines for littering and misplaced garbage bags in Rotterdam are increasing significantly, NOS reports.

Photo: Airbnb Logo
Apr 3 '15 09:13

Rappange Makelaardij, a major property manager in Amsterdam, wants to fine people who use sites like Airbnb to rent their rented homes to tourists, De Telegraaf reports.

Mar 10 '15 14:14

The high level of air pollution in the Netherlands could lead to large fines from the European Union. This is according to Milieu Defensie (Environment Defense), based on nitrogen dioxide measurements made on 58 main roads.

Mar 9 '15 07:30

On Saturday police union ACP gave minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) time until yesterday Sunday 18:00 to come up with "convincing commitments" for new police collective bargaining agreements, NU reports. If this doesn't happen, the police will turn to collective actions.

Feb 26 '15 14:16

It seems that Rotterdam taxi drivers are following the example of taxi drivers in The Hague when it comes to UberPOP drivers.

Feb 6 '15 11:46

The Tweede Kamer (lower house of parliament) wants the Data Protection Authority (CBP) to be able to immediately impose fines of up to 800 thousand euros for gross violations of privacy, NOS reports.

Dec 8 '14 12:55

The company Uber has to stop the taxi service UberPOP. The Board of Appeals for businesses has determined that drivers transporting people in their own car for a fee with UberPOP, do so illegally if they do not have a taxi license.

Aug 18 '14 11:45

An investigation by Inspectie SZW shows that there is too little attention in making sure that safety is a priority for staff at 90 percent of the 217 slaughterhouse and meat processing ventures in cleaning machines.

Apr 28 '14 15:01

Inspectors from the Netherlands Food and Wares Authority (NVWA) found that one-third of all the food served on the various markets during the King's Day weekend were not served in compliance with hygiene regulations.

Ajax Club
Apr 28 '14 11:25

Ajax's triumph after winning the championship title in Amsterdam on Sunday caused for a lot of celebration amongst fans. Some of it got out of hand, however, as police were forced to arrest 8- supporters who were misbehaving.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
Apr 23 '14 08:55

Dutch Railways (NS) wants to raise the price of train tickets during peak hours, according to new transport agreements with state secretary Wilma Mansveld, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
Feb 19 '14 08:59

The NS has to, once again, pay a fine of €1.75 million due to travelers being dissatisfied with the company's services.

Feb 13 '14 17:09

The bodies of dike surveyors, Zuiderzeeland (Flevoland) and Groot Salland (Overijssel) are going to more strictly enforce the rules on the Flevoland dikes, when it comes to unleashed dogs. The holes the dogs dig in the grass costs the surveyors thousands of euros annually.

No image available
Jan 16 '14 14:33

Dutch roads are crowded with speed demons, speed watchdog shows.

Jan 3 '14 04:33

If it were up to the Mayor of The Hague, Jozias van Aartsen, there would be restrictions on fireworks.


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