Dec 1 '15 07:26

The United States want Dutch traveling to the country to go through sharp security checks before they board the plane in the Netherlands. The Americans are currently discussing this measure with the Netherlands and five other countries.

Nov 20 '15 15:05

The Utrecht University Medical Hospital must pay a record amount of 350 thousand euros in compensation to a woman who fell victim to a medical error. The woman was informed that she is suffering from cervical cancer two years after the diagnosis was made and is now terminally ill

Nov 18 '15 07:55

Salah Abdeslam, one of the suspects in the Paris terrorists attacks, was apprehended in the Netherlands during a traffic check in February this year. He was fined 70 euros for the possession of soft drugs and sent on his way.

ABN Amro
Nov 9 '15 12:53

ABN Amro is facing another fine due to interest rate derivatives, just weeks before the bank is expected to hit the IPO. The third quarter was kind on ABN Amro, with the bank making a profit of over half a billion euros.

Oct 30 '15 13:10

The court in Leeuwarden has found Doede de Jong, the 66 year old marijuana farmer from Appelscha, guilty of illegal cannabis cultivation in the appeal on Thursday. He did not, however, get any form of punishment. The Public Prosecutor demanded 180 hours of community service and a conditional prison sentence of two months against him.

Oct 30 '15 09:59

The Italian food and product safety authority fined the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo in Milan 3 thousand euros for spoiled food and insufficient hygiene standards.

Popcorn Time logo (Source: Wikimedia/popcorn-org
Oct 20 '15 14:09

Dutch copyright association Stiching Brein’s director Tim Kuik has threatened the users of the illegal movie viewing site Popcorn Time with the possibility of being fined for using the site. Kuik told broadcaster BNR, “It’s totally illegal and viewers are exposing themselves, in principle, to claims from rights holders." Kuik would not be surprised to see fining begin within a month.

Aug 18 '15 15:19

A family of four Hungarians suspected of sex trafficking were remanded into custody by the magistrate on Friday. The four suspects were extradited from Belgium to the Netherlands on Tuesday, August 11th.

Ajax Club
Aug 7 '15 10:58

To add insult to injury after Ajax' loss against Rapid Vienna, UEFA has fined the club 48 thousand euros for the disturbances caused by Ajax fans in Vienna last week.

Aug 6 '15 16:50

The police rescued a cat that was locked into a hot car in Zandvoort on Thursday.

Aug 3 '15 08:58

Delta Lloyd's chief financial officer Emiel Roozen has resigned due to conflict between the insurer and De Nederlandsche Bank over confidential information.

Jul 13 '15 11:10

A 22 year old Bulgarian man was arrested on Sunday for flying a drone close to a Schiphol runway. The man lost control of the drone and it crashed on the runway.

Jul 9 '15 15:55

Google has improved its privacy policy after the Dutch Data Protection Authority threatened the company with a 15 million euro fine, the Authority reported on Thursday.

Police sign
Jul 6 '15 13:52

The police arrested a total of 39 people, most of them young people, in Holwerd, Friesland this weekend for trying to travel to Ameland with drugs.

Jun 22 '15 15:05

A young man avoided a 35 euro fine for traveling without a ticket on Friday night by doing 10 push ups.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
Jun 15 '15 14:40

A couple in Zaandam were fined 230 euros each for boarding the train after the departure whistle. The authorities accused them of "impeding the movement of public transport," they told broadcaster AT5.

Jun 12 '15 15:40

Dylan Snel, the Dutch tourist arrested for taking nude photographs on the sacred Malaysian Mount Kinabalu, has been sentenced to 3 days in prison and a fine of 5 thousand ringgit - about 1,200 euros. The three other tourists that were arrested with him received the same sentence.

Jun 10 '15 15:45

Dylan, the 23 year old Dutch tourist who was arrested in Malaysia for taking nude photos on the sacred mountain Mount Knabalu, is doing well.

Jun 3 '15 10:07

The Authority Consumer and Market gave KPN a fine of 364 thousand euros in December 2013 for inadequately securing the systems in which customers' personal information are stored.

May 11 '15 11:04

A co-pilot who was under the influence of alcohol was arrested at Schiphol airport on Sunday morning.

Apr 28 '15 14:05

Feyenoord could face empty stadiums and a fine of 50 thousand euros due to the bad behavior of their fans, the football club said on their website today. UEAFA is accusing Feyenoord of racist behavior and throwing objects on the field during the Europa League match against AS Roma in February.

Apr 27 '15 14:55

From May 1st, drivers entering the center of Utrecht in a diesel vehicle made before 2001 will be issued a fine of 90 euros, BN De Stem reports. Utrecht is the first city in the Netherlands to have a environmental zone for all old diesel vehicles.

Apr 18 '15 12:33

Business owners in the hospitality industry received 1,578 fines from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) last year for failing to comply with the national smoking ban. The number of fines increased by 191 from the previous year, and written warnings jumped from 379 in 2013 to 619 last year, NU reports.

PVV fascism graffiti
Mar 18 '15 12:06

Three 14 year old boys from Etten-Leur have admitted to vandalizing the home of PVV candidate Jake Owen Raats. The police found the three teenagers after receiving tips from the community.


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