Apr 17 '15 09:37

The police arrested a man in a house on Koningin Emmahof in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel around 01:45 on Friday morning. It is believed that the man threatened to blow up his house, but the communication office could not confirm this.

Wormer houseboat explosion
Apr 14 '15 16:04

The houseboat explosion that left a 53-year old man dead and a 51-year old woman seriously injured on Monday was possibly an intentional attack, according to newswire ANP. The two likely lived on the boat, located in Wormer, Noord-Holland police said in a statement.

Apr 14 '15 11:24

Neighbors of the houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer on which there was an explosion on Monday morning, are stunned by what happened.

Apr 13 '15 14:17

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal set of a second "controlled" explosion on the houseboat in Wormer on which an explosion happened around 04:00 on Monday morning, Noordhollands Dagblad reports based on sources close to the investigation.

Apr 13 '15 09:12

There was an explosion in a houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer around 04:00 on Monday morning. One man was killed in the explosion, a woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition, the police reports on Twitter.

Apr 9 '15 12:04

A man in Utrecht who threatened to blow up his own apartment was removed from the residence close to noon on Thursday and is in custody, RTV Utrecht reports. The incident was first called in around 9:40 a.m. that day from Nigerdreef in the Overvecht neighborhood.

Apr 8 '15 14:15

The police released a photo of the man suspected of being responsible for an explosion in one of the stalls in the Rotterdam Markthal on March 3.

Mar 23 '15 09:48

The man who was injured in the explosion in an apartment on Julianastraat in Berg aan de Maas on Friday, was the one responsible for the explosion. According to the police, their investigation shows that the wounded man opened the gas tap in his apartment.

Mar 20 '15 18:39

One person is dead and another person was severely burned when an apartment building exploded in Berg aan de Maas, Limburg. A man was threatening to blow up a home on Julianastraat earlier Friday afternoon by opening a natural gas valve and igniting it, sources told local news publisher 1Limburg.

Feb 12 '15 20:00

A week after the explosion on Moddermanstraat, Rotterdam, the residents can return to their homes next week, states the spokesperson of housing corporation Havenstede to rd.nl. At least 150 homes were evacuated and 150 people displaced on February 2nd.

Feb 9 '15 13:33

The police arrested a 67 year old Rotterdam resident in the Maasstad Hospital on Friday. The man is suspected of causing the explosion in an apartment on Moddermanstraat in Schiebroek, Rotterdam on Sunday, February 1st. He will appear before the magistrate today.

Feb 4 '15 08:11

The residents of the apartment building in Rotterdam in which there was a gas explosion on Sunday, may now go to collect their belongings after being initially barred from the building because it was unsafe. The director of housing corporation Havensteder said on Tuesday that residents will be allowed to enter under supervision.

Feb 2 '15 08:31

Thirteen people were wounded in an explosion and subsequent fire in an apartment on Moddermanstraat in Schiebroek, Rotterdam yesterday afternoon. The wounded were taken to various hospitals in the area, the Safety Region reports. The majority came away with minor injuries, only two were seriously wounded.

Dec 16 '14 13:36

During an appeal in the court in the Hague, the Public Prosecutor demanded a 2 year prison sentence for a 23 year old suspect who planned to travel to Syria to join the international jihad.

Nov 10 '14 15:30

Eight people were hurt Monday afternoon when a gas line exploded at Hortensiastraat in The Hague. Six were hospitalized.

veghel youtube
Oct 31 '14 16:18

A violent explosion inside a car left one person seriously injured Friday morning in Veghel, Noord Brabant. Investigators suspect foul play and have cordoned off the area around Plevierdonk while they collect evidence and clean up the suspected crime scene.

Sep 17 '14 07:56

The Vlaardingen-Oost train station has been closed after a car drove into the station and then burst into flame. Nobody was injured, and the fire has been brought under control, the NOS reports.

Sep 11 '14 09:09

The Netherlands Public Prosecution Authority (OM) is investigating the circumstances around the gas explosion in flat complex Breukenhorst in Diemen, which killed two people and injured 15. Investigators will measure culpability of the various parties involved in the incident, NU.nl reports.

Sep 5 '14 15:32

The gas leak that caused an explosion in a flat in Diemen yesterday had been reported, says a spokesperson of grid manager Liander.

Sep 5 '14 08:18

In Diemen, the flat that was rocked by a gas explosion yesterday is being searched for two missing persons. Two people were killed in the explosion, and another 15 were injured. Due to damage some residents of the flat building may not be able to return home for some time, the NOS reports.

Sep 4 '14 17:00

A heavy explosion rocked Diemen this afternoon, killing two people and leaving 15 others injured.

ATM (Source:  Wikimedia)
Aug 19 '14 16:56

An ATM was bombed in Leidsewallen station in Zoetermeer on Tuesday morning, omroepwest.nl reports. No cash was stolen in the incident.

Jun 19 '14 12:33

The biggest telescope in the world will soon bring the mysteries of the universe a few steps closer, as project developers begin readying the top of a 3,000 meter-high mountain in Chile to form the base of the telescope, which will be large enough to capture life on other planets.

Shell fire
Jun 5 '14 09:48

The damage left after the explosion of a reactor and subsequent fire at the Shell site in Moerdijk are "significant", according to Shell Moerdijk director Paul Buijsingh. There may be millions of euros in damage. Buijsingh is expecting that the recovery will take a long time.


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