Hoogeveen blast
Oct 6 '15 12:17

An explosion in a Hoogeveen health care facility and residence on Tuesday morning left at least one person seriously injured. Several others were being treated at the scene after the blast, the Drenthe Regional Safety Office announced.

Sep 23 '15 11:48

With reporting by Zack Newmark.

At least four people were injured Wednesday morning when two different explosions occurred in a biomass power plant in Borssele, Zeeland, the regional safety office reported. The office says all four were hospitalized, however broadcaster Omroep Zeeland says two people received serious injuries and were rushed to an area hospital and the others were treated at the scene.

Aug 4 '15 15:54

Two pleasure yachts in a marina in Zaandam caught fire after an explosion on one of the vessels. Three people were injured.

Jul 29 '15 14:14

The Rotterdam police are investigating an explosion at a house on Versijdenstraat in Provenierswijk in the early hours of Wednesday morning. No one was injured in the explosion

Police sign
Jul 29 '15 13:57

The police have taken a 52 year old Amsterdam resident into custody for questioning in connection with the

The explosion happened around 05:00 a.m. on Fannius Scholtenstraat. No one was injured, but three parked cars, a number of bicycles, and several homes were damaged. The police closed off the area for a trace evidence investigation.

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
Jul 29 '15 09:44

An explosion rocked the Amsterdam neighborhood Staatsliedenbuurt on Wednesday morning. The explosion happened around 5:00 a.m. on Fannius Scholtenstraat, damaging a number of homes and cars, the police reported on Twitter.

Shell fire
Jul 9 '15 15:05

Shell Moerdijk should be more critical on safety risks, the Dutch Safety Board concludes in its report on the explosion at the company on June 3rd last year. Two people were injured and a significant amount of damage was caused.

 crime scene tape
Jun 16 '15 12:10

A car exploded in Enschede on Tuesday morning. The police closed off the area and are investigating.

Jun 2 '15 13:04

A man lighting fireworks in the attic of his house caused an explosion in Zwijndrecht on Monday night. No one was injured in the blow.

May 18 '15 13:43

Police officers found the body of one man after the explosion in an apartment building in The Hague on Monday. A dismantled cannabis plantation was also found in one of the apartments.

May 18 '15 07:56

A total of 27 homes had to be evacuated after an explosion and subsequent fire in the basement of an apartment building on Goudriaankade in The Hague on Monday morning. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

May 14 '15 11:55

Willie Pater, co-director of SE Fireworks, told his story for the first time to ED on Wednesday - 15 years after the fireworks disaster in Enschede that left 23 people dead, nearly a thousand injured and a whole neighborhood wiped off the map. He no longer feels guilty, he told the newspaper.

May 6 '15 13:56

The police arrested a 20 year old man from The Hague on Monday morning in connection with the arson in the Marthal in Rotterdam on March 3rd.

May 1 '15 15:49

The police arrested a 26 year old man from Purmerend on Thursday on suspicion of involvement in the explosion on a houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer on April 13th.

Apr 24 '15 13:54

Police investigating the violent explosion of a Heerlen apartment building think part of the gas line leading to the building was stolen. The alleged theft is a possible cause of the incident, police announced Friday.

Apr 22 '15 10:58

The damage caused by the explosion in an apartment building in Heerlen on Monday could cost millions to repair. Affected residents may not be able to return to their homes for up to five weeks. Three people were injured in the explosion.

Apr 20 '15 13:08

Three people were injured in the explosion in an apartment in Heerlen on Monday morning. One of the victims was taken to the hospital in serious condition, the other two were treated by general practitioners, a spokesperson for the Limburg-Zuid fire department said.

Apr 17 '15 09:37

The police arrested a man in a house on Koningin Emmahof in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel around 01:45 on Friday morning. It is believed that the man threatened to blow up his house, but the communication office could not confirm this.

Wormer houseboat explosion
Apr 14 '15 16:04

The houseboat explosion that left a 53-year old man dead and a 51-year old woman seriously injured on Monday was possibly an intentional attack, according to newswire ANP. The two likely lived on the boat, located in Wormer, Noord-Holland police said in a statement.

Apr 14 '15 11:24

Neighbors of the houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer on which there was an explosion on Monday morning, are stunned by what happened.

Apr 13 '15 14:17

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal set of a second "controlled" explosion on the houseboat in Wormer on which an explosion happened around 04:00 on Monday morning, Noordhollands Dagblad reports based on sources close to the investigation.

Apr 13 '15 09:12

There was an explosion in a houseboat on the Veerdijk in Wormer around 04:00 on Monday morning. One man was killed in the explosion, a woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition, the police reports on Twitter.

Apr 9 '15 12:04

A man in Utrecht who threatened to blow up his own apartment was removed from the residence close to noon on Thursday and is in custody, RTV Utrecht reports. The incident was first called in around 9:40 a.m. that day from Nigerdreef in the Overvecht neighborhood.

Apr 8 '15 14:15

The police released a photo of the man suspected of being responsible for an explosion in one of the stalls in the Rotterdam Markthal on March 3.


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