Eindhoven University of Technology

TU Delft
Oct 31 '16 10:10

The four Technical Universities in the Netherlands needs more money to cope with the influx of students, student organizations at the four universities and intercity student association ISO wrote in an open letter to the responsible ministers, NOS reports.

The letter is addressed to Ministers Jet Bussemaker of Education and Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs, as well as State Secretary Martijn van Dam of Economic Affairs. The Netherlands' four Technical Universities are located in Eindhoven, Delft, Wageningen and Enschede.

Biobridge arrives at TU Eindhoven
Oct 25 '16 16:25

The world's first bridge built out of completely biological materials - mostly hemp and flax - was placed on the Dommel on the TU Eindhoven campus. The 14 meter long bridge weighs only 1,500 kilograms - four times less than a conventional bridge, the Telegraaf reports.

"All materials are one hundred percent organic, the 'ingredients' of the bio-composite are bio-fiber, bio-resins and bio-foam. Except for the steel bolts", TU/e researcher and project manager Rijk Blok said to the newspaper.

Sep 22 '16 09:43

For the first time ever 13 Dutch universities made it onto the Top 200 of the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, which was published on Wednesday. Though a number of the Netherlands' universities did have to settle for a lower position than they had last year

TU Delft
Sep 5 '16 14:45

The four technical universities in the Netherlands are demanding more money from the government. If more funds aren't made available soon, they'll have to stop taking new students, the universities said to AD.nl. Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education in principle has no problem with this, she said to NOS.

Aug 15 '16 08:59

A group of 23 TU Eindhoven students are going around the world in 80 days on a self-built electric motorcycle called Storm. This trip has a dual purpose - testing the bike and showing the world that electric transport works. "Already, everywhere", student Yuri Steinbuch said

drone cafe
Apr 22 '16 10:54

A number of domestic drones will be serving drinks at a pop-up cafe at TU Eindhoven this weekend. The world's first drone-cafe forms part of the Dream and Dare festival to celebrate the university's 60th anniversary.

Feb 22 '16 13:00

A Dutch startup company came up with the latest in transport - an electrical bike that charges itself using solar cells on its wheels.

Team FAST Formauto Junior
Jan 15 '16 09:03

A team of Technical University Eindhoven students presented a scale model car which runs on formic acid on Thursday. The one meter big car drove several rounds on a podium, according to ANP. The team plans to further develop the project and hopes to have a bus running on formic acid on the road by the end of the year.

Dec 23 '15 13:25

A group of TU Eindhoven students is leaving for Juuka, Finland on Monday to attempt to build the biggest bridge of ice ever, if the weather cools down enough, the university announced. This is an international project led by a team from TU/e.

Nov 2 '15 08:48

Wageningen University is the best university in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam the Vrije Universiteit, or Free University, has come out on top. Technical University Twente has the unhappiest students.

f2f500e158 (1)
Oct 23 '15 11:23

Last month the Technical University Eindhoven started running test with a massive 3D concrete printer. The university will be working with the construction industry to develop and print concrete products, such as complete walls printed with all the necessary features from the start.

Oct 20 '15 09:31

Tampering with diesel vehicles' emissions, such as was done in the so-called Volkswagen diesel scandal, is the reason that the Netherlands is not meeting the European standards for air quality. It is also responsible for the shorter life-spans of people living near busy motorways.

TU Eindhoven
Sep 30 '15 18:03

Top scientific minds from all across the Netherlands are being drawn away by better salaries and greater funding for research grants in other countries. Frank Baaijens, Dean of the Technical University in Eindhoven, is upset over the institution's loss of one of their top scientists, Maaike Kroon, he told the Volkskrant.

Sep 16 '15 14:50

Education Minister Jet Bussemaker attended the Prinsjesdag ceremonies in an outfit made especially for her by students of TU Eindhoven. The entire outfit, comprising of a dress, hat and shoes, was made using 3D body scan technology an 3D printing.

Sep 15 '15 08:46

The University of Amsterdam has once again managed to snag the top Dutch university position in the QS World University Rankings, beating Delft University of Technology and Utrecht University. TU Delft moved up 22 places from last year's 86th position, to number 64 this year.

Aug 31 '15 12:21

A new angioplasty method developed by the Cahtarina Hospital in Eindhoven could save 200 lives a year in the Netherlands. This new method involves measuring blood pressure in the coronary arteries with a special sensor to detect constriction before angioplasty is done.

TU Eindhoven
Jul 28 '15 13:55

Cooperation between the Dutch and German intelligence agencies resulted in the identification of a Russian physicist who was spying for the Russian secret service. The 28 year old Ivan A. has since returned to Russia.

Jul 3 '15 10:51

The Solar Team Eindhoven from the Eindhoven University of Technology on Thursday presented the Stella Lux - a slat-powered family car that generates more power than it uses. The car was presented during a show in the Metaforum building on the TU/e complex in Eindhoven.

Apr 23 '15 16:19

Scientists from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) are working on technology that can protect data from the immense power anticipated of quantum computers, expected to begin appearing around 2025. Supercomputers will have the potential to jeopardize sensitive data because their decryption capacity will likely surpass that of current encryption techniques.

Feb 6 '15 09:18

Students of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) won the "Best Technological Achievement" award at the Crunchies awards ceremony in San Francisco. They won this award for the Stella - the world's first family solar powered car.

World's Largest Tetris Board
Dec 2 '14 20:31

Mega Tetris, created by Thor, is the world's largest Tetris game played ever. This Monday, their game has broken the world record earning their giant game board an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Oct 28 '14 11:29

According to the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2015, many new university graduates will find it difficult to find a job.

Oct 27 '14 12:18

Scientists have succeeded in sending the hitherto largest packet of information through fiberglass.

Sep 30 '14 15:20

The University of Eindhoven's (TU/e) landmark building will be converted into a residential tower. After the design by diederendirrix architects, the tower will have three hundred residential units.


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