Sep 16 '16 12:00

The Islamic University of Rotterdam announced earlier this week that it will no longer cooperate with the NAVO investigation into the quality of the institution, Education Minister Jet Bussemaker said in a parliamentary debate on the institution on Thursday

Sep 14 '16 16:00

According to State Secretary Sander Dekker of Education, the long May vacation for primary- and high school students is often stressful for parents who have one or more kids at home for three weeks. He therefore wants to schedule the May vacations in such a way that they only take up two weeks

Sep 14 '16 14:30

A 34-year-old father knocked out a department director of a secondary school in Tilburg after the director reprimanded his daughter for using foul language

Sep 13 '16 13:00

The quality of theses written in the Humanities Department of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam is declining at a rapid rate, according to a study by the university newspaper Advalvas

Sep 12 '16 16:00

Both Amsterdam and Rotterdam made it to the top 20 of the 100 best cities in the world to live on Arcadis' Sustainable Cities Index. Amsterdam is in 11th place, Rotterdam made it to 19th

Sep 12 '16 13:20

Many Dutch kids repeat a year of school before they reach the age of seven. This is especially true in Group 2 of primary school, where about 1 in 10 kids are forced to repeat. Last year it amounted to 18 thousand children

Sep 9 '16 10:09

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) are making an end to their joint administration. From January 1st next year, the two higher education institutions will stand completely separately from each other again. The past 13 years of administrative cooperation yielded too benefits, the Executive Board announced

Sep 8 '16 08:30

A total 588 children were removed from nine schools in the Netherlands believed to have ties to Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, according to a study by Dutch newspaper Trouw. That is about a fifth of the schools' total student count.

Lecture Hall
Sep 6 '16 12:10

Most of the Netherlands' universities dropped in this year's international rankings of the 916 top universities by QS. Last year there were five Dutch universities in the top 100, this year there are only two.

Sep 5 '16 15:55

Primary schools should limit the voluntary contribution from parents as much as possible so that kids from poorer families don't get disadvantage, education volunteer group Leergeld Nederland said in NOS on Monday.

Jet_Bussemaker_2015_(1) (1)
Sep 5 '16 15:20

On Monday the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit both opened their doors for the start of the new academic year, officially ending the summer holidays

TU Delft
Sep 5 '16 14:45

The four technical universities in the Netherlands are demanding more money from the government. If more funds aren't made available soon, they'll have to stop taking new students, the universities said to Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education in principle has no problem with this, she said to NOS.

Lecture Hall
Sep 5 '16 09:15

About a third of Dutch university lecturers are unqualified, according to a study done by the intercity student consultation ISO

Aug 31 '16 14:55

A foundation for Islamic education in Zaanstad SIOZ is suing four parents over negative statements and comments made about De Roos, a school believed to be affiliated with Fethullah Gulen. The foundation wants the parents to stop making Gulen-related comments about the school immediately and that all previous statements be rectified, according to Haarlem court details

Aug 30 '16 13:25

Children spend too little time on learning how to write in a comprehensible hand and primary school teachers do not pay enough attention to teaching handwriting, according to researchers from Utrecht University in a study of 52 primary schools

D66-leader Alexander Pechtold
Aug 26 '16 15:00

D66 leader Alexander Pechtold wants the next government to address inequality in society, he wrote in the foreword of his party's 232 page election program, which he presented on Friday. According to him, it is time to invest in "equal chances", reports.

Aug 26 '16 08:07

This year the majority of all Netherlands university programs is taught fully in English, according to a survey by the Volkskrant. Currently 60 percent of the 1,632 courses in 13 universities in the country are taught in English.

Aug 25 '16 13:00

Over a hundred kids were removed from Amsterdam schools linked to Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen - rival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the person behind a recent attempted coup in the country, according to the Turkish government. The development has both the Amsterdam municipality and the boards of the affected schools on edge

Aug 25 '16 12:20

During 2016 end exams in secondary education a total of 1,370 exams and maths tests were declared invalid - a very significant increase compared to the 850 invalid exams in last year's final exams, according to figures the Education Inspectorate released on Thursday

Aug 18 '16 08:46

The Netherlands stands at the verge of an acute shortage in primary school teachers, according to the PO-Raad, the umbrella organization for primary schools. If the government doesn't push more money into education soon, there will be a primary school teacher shortage of about 7 thousand in ten years' time

Aug 16 '16 08:26

Schools in the Netherlands must be prepared to handle increased tension withing the Turkish-Dutch community following an attempted coup in Turkey last month, according to foundation School en Veiligheid (School Safety). These tensions will also have an impact on children, Klaas Hiemstra of the foundation said to NOS.

serious businessman
Aug 11 '16 12:40

A school is opening in Rotterdam that will teach welfare recipients how to take the first steps as an entrepreneur. EingenBaas Avondschool (Own Boss Night School in English) is the first of its kind in the Netherlands

Aug 10 '16 07:56

Many students who want to study abroad end up not going. According to a study by intercity student consultation ISO and the national students union LSVb, 70 percent of HBO students and 35 percent of WO students want to study abroad, but never go

Jul 27 '16 14:20

ROC in Nijmegen discriminated against a blind woman by refusing her application to study there, the Board for the Protection of Human Rights ruled in a case brought by 28-year-old Juliana Fragoso from Nijmegen


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