Dec 3 '13 10:05

The Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University is one the best business schools in Europe.

Dec 2 '13 11:49

The Netherlands is introducing tougher quality rules for nurseries and playgroup.

Nov 29 '13 18:21

Amsterdam ranked 5th position in the list of top 10 student cities for quality of living ranking, Eurogates reports.

Nov 28 '13 15:21

1600 students of the Thorbecke School community in Zwolle were kept away from classes Thursday when school management reported that there was asbestos in the buildings. The initiative to have the standard asbestos tests carried out came from management.

Nov 21 '13 16:55

An evangelical primary school Timon in Rotterdam will be closed on January 1st, 2014, due to poor quality of education.

Nov 18 '13 14:23

Sander Dekker, the State Secretary for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, wants all Dutch scientific publications to be available online for free in 10 years.

Nov 9 '13 08:31

In the Netherlands, the difference in academic performance between native students and non-Western students has increased, NRC .

Over the past 15 years, the number of minority students has more than doubled, but they complete their studies less successfully than natives, according to a study by the Center for Diversity Echo.

Nov 7 '13 13:21

Over the last 30 years, the massive increase in the number of Dutch university students is almost entirely attributable to the girls, according to the figures released by Ministry of Education.

Nov 7 '13 00:03

Dutch jihadists who return from Syria receive aid and guidance to reintegrate. They are not immediately arrested and prosecuted upon return

Oct 31 '13 11:27

A new survey found that €7 million are needed for maintenance of the school buildings, Nos reports.

Oct 25 '13 11:38

The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) asked 48 courses offered by public and private institutions to raise standards, reports Trouw.

Oct 18 '13 14:01

Netherlands universities have made tremendous improvement in the 2013/2014 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

In this year’s rankings, a total of 12 Dutch research institutions reached the top 200 level and eight of them have made into the top 100, compared to seven universities reached the top 100 level in the 2012 ranking, according to Times Higher Education.

Jul 11 '13 03:11

“It is a shame that students only begin with English class at grade 7, as is the case at most schools. I want to give schools every opportunity to start as early as possible with English.” That says Sander Dekker, State Secretary of Education.

Dekker has prepared a plan of approach for English in primary education. The plan went Wednesday to the House. “Young children have the ability to playfully learn a foreign language. This ability should not be left unused,” said Dekker.

Jul 2 '13 03:19

The discussions between a delegation of the government and opposition parties D66 and GroenLinks has failed. "The negotiations have stopped," said D66 leader Alexander Pechtold on Monday about their conversations to see how they could help to realize several coalition agreements.

These included the topics 'arrangements for parents with children' and 'higher education'. Pechtold: "There's too much difference between the wishes of D66 to invest in education and the opportunities that the government wants to create. This could have been an agreement."

Apr 15 '13 16:41

Schools may not offer ‘fun studies’ anymore, and if they don’t stop offering them fast enough they should be forced. Dutch Minister of Education Bussemaker wrote this in a letter to the House.

Apr 15 '13 15:08

Parents are worried at one of the ten Dutch iPad-schools that will open in August. At least 10 of the 77 children registered at de Driemaster in Sneek, in the northern province of Friesland, have been removed from the school.

Apr 2 '13 15:47 reports that the number of primary- and secondary schools under financial supervision has increased from 12 in September 2012 to 26 this month. The inspection on education, Onderwijsinspectie, had to publish these numbers according to the Dutch law on publicity of governance, Wet openbaarheid van bestuur (Wob).

Mar 27 '13 06:07

The members of the parliament are very happy that State Secretary for Education, Sander Dekker, is going to take on teasing at schools. The coming new law of Dekker can count on the support of the coalition parties VVD and PvdA, but part of the opposition also promised support.


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