Sep 11 '14 08:50

Sociology students in preparatory middle-level vocational education (VMBO) schools in The Netherlands are in an uproar over texts about Moroccans and Turks in one of their textbooks. The Book, from publisher Malmberg, contains prejudicial text about minority groups in The Netherlands, the students say on Twitter, the Algemeen Dagblad reports.

Photo: Adam Cetindag ‏@AdamCetindag
Aug 29 '14 14:03

Friday marks the official opening of De Ontplooiing, the first Steve Jobs-inspired school in Amsterdam. Aiming to eliminate the traditional method of classroom teaching, this new style of schooling is more reliant on new technology, and gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Aug 28 '14 09:32

Teachers in The Netherlands are getting the right to time and money for teaching on the side. As part of a €1.2 billion scheme from the Cabinet to improve education, teachers in primary education will get an extra €500 and two hours per year, and teachers in continuing education will get €600 per year as well as five percent of the amount of hours they work per year, the NOS reports.

Aug 15 '14 15:16

See where Dutch universities wound up in the new Shanghai Rankings of the top 500 universities worldwide.

Student loan
Aug 6 '14 11:29

Due to a lack of well-paying jobs, a growing number of graduates are having difficulty paying off their student loans. According to a report from Dutch Education Executive Agency (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, DUO), there were more than 93,000 students who were not able to settle the debt last year, an increase of 76 percent over five years, De Volkskrant reports.

Jul 17 '14 10:39

The Ministry of Education has made €5 million available for new study grants for international students. These grants are supposed to encourage top international students to study at Dutch universities.

Jul 8 '14 11:28

RTL Nieuws has published all Cito-test, or final exam, scores from primary schools in The Netherlands in 2014. According to the results from this year as well as the two years before, the schools get an overall mark that reveals how schools are performing on average.

Jun 27 '14 08:00

Results published yesterday by the Organization for Economic Society and Development (OESO) show that on average, Dutch teachers are happier then their foreign counterparts.

Lecture Hall
Jun 24 '14 09:39

Of the 212 university Humanities courses, 26 (13 percent) have been deemed poor in quality by the Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO). The institutions responsible have two years to improve standards.

Sander Dekker
Jun 18 '14 11:28

Evangelical primary schools are not up to quality standards, and several are going to be shut down. Six schools from the Foundation for Evangelical Schools (sVES) will have to come under new management, or their pupils will be transferred to other schools.

Jun 17 '14 08:18

Students in Intermediate Vocational Education (Mbo) want more guidance while looking for internships for continued education. The Youth Organization Vocational Education (JOB) has monitored students looking for training positions, and found that they have a hard time doing so.

May 19 '14 10:25

Segregation in primary schools in the Netherlands has decreased lightly, according to research from Forum, the institute for multicultural questions, under 36 of the Netherlands' biggest municipalities, Trouw reports.

May 15 '14 10:30

Hundreds of teachers and staff in intermediate vocational education institutions are going on strike Thursday.

May 12 '14 15:57

Some 200,000 pupils in the Netherlands will be taking final exams in the next two weeks. For havo students, today's agenda consists of Art and Management & Organization. For vwo students, the exam Dutch is today. Vmbo-students only start tomorrow.

May 6 '14 08:19

Since 2003, the number of male educators in primary school has declined from 22.8 percent to 15.5 percent in 2012. The union for education-sector employers, CNV Onderwijs, finds this a disturbing set of figures, and is going to propose improvements.

Bruno Martins Indi
Apr 30 '14 10:48

The Netherlands has too few math teachers. One reason for this is that math teachers are stepping over into the business world, as it pays better. The Netherlands Math Platform tells the Algemeen Dagblad that there could be a serious problem.

Apr 30 '14 09:47

First-year students write poorly. University students make an average of 81 mistakes per A4 page, secondary education students half of that. These figures come from promotional research done by Anouk van Eerden of the Hanzehogeschool University and Mik van Es of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Apr 24 '14 09:18

Young people who do not yet have a diploma will be obligated to go to school until their 21st. This is a plan from the PvdA and the CDA who have proposed a bill that will raise the school-leaving age from 18 to 21 years.

Apr 16 '14 13:35

Education Inspection believes that there is room for improvement in motivating pupils. A report for the 2012-2013 school year reveals that Dutch students are less motivated to learn than their age mates abroad.

Westfries Museum, Hoorn
Mar 21 '14 09:39

The Westfries Museum in Hoorn has won the Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Award 2014, the museum announced on their website. The Westfries Museum received the distinction in the category of Education, Training and Awareness.

Mar 13 '14 14:41

Angry students from the Earth- and Life Sciences faculty at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam staged a noise protest at their faculty on Wednesday morning. 

The protest comes from the student group Actiegroep Titanic, who are opposing austerity plans from the directors of the university. They are concerned about a loss of quality.

Mar 6 '14 14:33

Six primary schools under leadership from the Evangelical Schools foundation (SVES) have announced their upcoming permanent closure in the summer holiday after a damning report from education inspection.

Mar 4 '14 07:30

The proposed cut-back on tailored education of €21 million is no longer going through. On top of that, €29 million is going to come in to improve tailored education.

Feb 5 '14 12:33

A large majority of Parliament supports the proposal to axe mandatory internships in high schools.


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