Westfries Museum, Hoorn
Mar 21 '14 09:39

The Westfries Museum in Hoorn has won the Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Award 2014, the museum announced on their website. The Westfries Museum received the distinction in the category of Education, Training and Awareness.

Mar 13 '14 14:41

Angry students from the Earth- and Life Sciences faculty at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam staged a noise protest at their faculty on Wednesday morning. 

The protest comes from the student group Actiegroep Titanic, who are opposing austerity plans from the directors of the university. They are concerned about a loss of quality.

Mar 6 '14 14:33

Six primary schools under leadership from the Evangelical Schools foundation (SVES) have announced their upcoming permanent closure in the summer holiday after a damning report from education inspection.

Mar 4 '14 07:30

The proposed cut-back on tailored education of €21 million is no longer going through. On top of that, €29 million is going to come in to improve tailored education.

Feb 5 '14 12:33

A large majority of Parliament supports the proposal to axe mandatory internships in high schools.

Jan 30 '14 12:32

Sander Dekker, the State Secretary for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, wants all Dutch scientific publications to be available online for free.

Jan 29 '14 07:36

Students at the ROC college in Amsterdam stole exams and then offered them for sale via sms and WhatsApp.

Jan 27 '14 13:22

The case starts on Monday in the District Court of Rotterdam against 11 youngsters accused of exam fraud last year at the Ibn Ghaldoun school.

Jan 23 '14 15:07

The number of first-year students at universities in the Netherlands has increased by 7% to more than 45,000 compared to 2012, according to higher education association VSNU.

Jan 13 '14 18:11

The Netherlands was named 6th on the Global Talent Competitiveness Index.

Jan 9 '14 12:27

From next school year, a total of 12 elementary schools in the Netherlands will start trials of bilingual education, Secretary for the Ministry of Education Sander Dekker said on Wednesday.

Dec 30 '13 10:38

The Netherlands will face a shortage of primary school teachers in coming years, according to the National Federation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands (CNV).

Dec 19 '13 09:23

The Netherlands is an attractive place for international students, but the shortage of suitable rooms and rental apartments is becoming a huge problem, Eurogates reports.

Dec 3 '13 10:05

The Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University is one the best business schools in Europe.

Dec 2 '13 11:49

The Netherlands is introducing tougher quality rules for nurseries and playgroup.

Nov 29 '13 18:21

Amsterdam ranked 5th position in the list of top 10 student cities for quality of living ranking, Eurogates reports.

Nov 28 '13 15:21

1600 students of the Thorbecke School community in Zwolle were kept away from classes Thursday when school management reported that there was asbestos in the buildings. The initiative to have the standard asbestos tests carried out came from management.

Nov 21 '13 16:55

An evangelical primary school Timon in Rotterdam will be closed on January 1st, 2014, due to poor quality of education.

Nov 18 '13 14:23

Sander Dekker, the State Secretary for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, wants all Dutch scientific publications to be available online for free in 10 years.

Nov 9 '13 08:31

In the Netherlands, the difference in academic performance between native students and non-Western students has increased, NRC .

Over the past 15 years, the number of minority students has more than doubled, but they complete their studies less successfully than natives, according to a study by the Center for Diversity Echo.

Nov 7 '13 13:21

Over the last 30 years, the massive increase in the number of Dutch university students is almost entirely attributable to the girls, according to the figures released by Ministry of Education.

Nov 7 '13 00:03

Dutch jihadists who return from Syria receive aid and guidance to reintegrate. They are not immediately arrested and prosecuted upon return

Oct 31 '13 11:27

A new survey found that €7 million are needed for maintenance of the school buildings, Nos reports.

Oct 25 '13 11:38

The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) asked 48 courses offered by public and private institutions to raise standards, reports Trouw.


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