Edith Schippers

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Sep 26 '13 02:26

MS patients fear an important medication for their condition will soon no longer be reimbursed.

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Sep 13 '13 02:39

The Nijmegen hospital UMC St Radboud is the first hospital to publish survival rates for lung cancer and gynecological cancer, starting Thursday.

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Sep 5 '13 02:25

The number of drug tests on children should not increase, according to the Board for protection of Human Rights.

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Aug 29 '13 04:26

There will be no measures against new blood thinners that may cause gastrointestinal bleeding. This was answered by  Minister Edith Schippers of Health on Wednesday to the  House, to written questions from the SP.

In June, a study of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam showed that the risk of bleeding with the new anticoagulants is 45 percent higher than with the current standard treatment. Blood thinners make sure that the blood remains thin enough and no blood clots will occur.

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Aug 29 '13 04:08

Nearly half of the hospitals that perform stomach, esophagus, prostate, or bladder surgery did not meet the standard last year.

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Aug 28 '13 03:19

The government does not favor the idea to let a judge decide about the validity of a living will. This is evident from Minister Edith Schipper’s answers to questions by the Labour Party.

The reason for the questions was a plea of former judge Jan Peeters to let judges decide on the validity of the euthanasia of a demented patient. Minister Schippers believes that this is not meaningful and not desirable.

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Jul 2 '13 02:54

It is easier for defaulters to return to their health care insurance. Now a defaulter can only go back to the insurer if the debt is paid off or if a recognized authority is involved in the repayment of the debt. Under the new rules the return is a possible if the defaulter itself make arrangements with the insurer.

This is contained in a bill of Minister Edith Schippers (Health) that was sent on Monday to the House. Schippers wants the law to ensure that defaulters quickly return to their insurer and also pay the premium there.


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Apr 18 '13 08:36

Due to the huge increase in profits of health insurance companies, the premium for health insurance can be reduced for each payer by 15 euro monthly, according to the association for doctors and paramedics, VvAA. The Dutch Central Bank forecasts that the net profit of the nine Dutch health insurers will reach about 1.4 billion euro in 2012.

Only CZ, with a market share of 20 percent, announced on Tuesday a profit of 518 million euro. When other insurers have obtained similar results, the profit of the sector might exceed 2 billion.

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Apr 15 '13 08:44

More than 4,500 times a year, hospital staff become victims of physical and verbal violence. In more than 200  cases, the violence is so severe that the perpetrator gets a permanent ban for accessing the hospital. Minister Edith Schippers (Health) thinks these incidents are totally unacceptable.

On a request of the AD, a third of all hospitals gave access to data about intimidation against their staff. Extrapolated to all 93 Dutch hospitals, the figures come down to 4,500 times a year, which means twelve times a day.

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Apr 11 '13 17:21

“Health insurance needs to become cheaper after the providers made a profit of 1,4 billion euro last year”. A representative of patient association NPCF said that on Thursday.

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Mar 20 '13 12:40

The quality of healthcare in the Netherlands is not transparent enough. The Dutch Court of Audits, de Algemene Rekenkamer, states that it is difficult for patients to choose the right health care institution or practitioner because there is not enough information on their quality.


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