Help Wanted
Jun 4 '14 10:20

Around 20,000 new jobs are expected to be available in 2015, when the growing economy will start showing signs of employment opportunities.

Jun 3 '14 16:19

Despite a slump in the economy, the average family has more to spend now than a couple of decades ago. Comparatively, household incomes were 15 percent higher in 2012 than in the early 90s, and 20 percent higher than the 70s, according to research from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS).

Jun 2 '14 12:06

Labour and consumption are heavily taxed, while wealth is taxed lower than in other Western European countries, according to figures from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Development aid
May 30 '14 10:42

The Cabinet, due to a new accounting calculation method that increases the scope of the economy, is going to spend €500 million on development aid this year.

May 30 '14 09:05

When Geert Wilders sent his anti-Saudi and anti-Islam bumper sticker to the Saudi Arabian embassy, he did so using official stationary of the Parliament. The use of the government’s logo angered Saudi officials who might have otherwise dismissed Wilders’ personal crusade, revealed Foreign Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans following this week’s cabinet meeting.

May 29 '14 08:11

The budget deficit and national debt have gone down once more from previous estimates, according to the Spring memorandum, the interim overview detailing the implementation of the budget from this year, Het Parool reports.

May 22 '14 14:07

Dutch use of renewable energy sources made up 4.5 percent of the energy market in 2013, according to figures released this week by Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

May 15 '14 13:07

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said today that the Dutch economy is soldiering on, despite the disappointing slump recorded in the first quarter, het Parool reports.

May 15 '14 10:59

The Dutch economy has experienced a drop of 1.4 percent in the first quarter of 2014. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), this was caused by lower gas usage due to the mild Winter. The bureau does say that the economy is still in recovery, despite the drop.

May 15 '14 10:11

Branch trade unions will present proposals before the Summer that will encourage job growth through tax reductions on labour. They are thinking of a sum of €1 billion.

May 8 '14 13:53

According to the court in The Hague, the tax hike on the rich that the Cabinet introduced is not against the law or international treaties.

May 5 '14 14:46

The European Commission is more optimistic about the Dutch economy than it was earlier this year. The budget deficit for this year is coming out at 2.8 percent, under the European norm of 3 percent.

Apr 29 '14 15:17

The four biggest banks in the Netherlands have to introduce bigger financial buffers in the coming years in order to avoid collapse. The Dutch Bank (DNB) has told ABN Amro, ING Bank and Rabobank to build up a buffer of 3 percent and the SNS Bank to build up a buffer of 1 percent.

Apr 11 '14 08:32

VVD-leader Halbe Zijlstra is saying that the current tax system needs to be overhauled in favor of simplicity. The party told the cabinet that all allowances must be abolished and transformed into lower taxes. The Tax Administration must focus on the core task: collecting money.

Apr 10 '14 08:56

A new European algorithm will mean that The Netherlands will spend more money next year on payments to the European Union and development aid, and will make the scope of the Dutch economy a lot bigger than previously calculated.

Apr 2 '14 18:03

People in the Netherlands applied for nearly 41,500 mortgages in the first quarter of the year, up more than 50 percent compared to the same period in 2013. The number is down when compared to October-December, not entirely unexpected due to the seasonality of home purchases in the country.

Apr 1 '14 21:09

The World Economic Forum has listed the Netherlands as the country with the third best accommodations for international trade. Singapore and Hong Kong repeated as the top two countries, with Holland advancing from 7th in the biannual Global Enabling Trade Report.

Apr 1 '14 19:47

Over 900,000 tax returns were filed in the three-day period leading up to the income tax deadline, of which nearly 500,000 were filed on April 1, the tax office says. A spokesperson for the Belastingdienst said, “That’s a lot for one day,” but the single-day record is not known.

woman shopping economy
Mar 28 '14 08:02

According to the Netherlands Institute for Social Research, (SCP), Dutch people are becoming more positive about the economy. In the newest poll, many people also say that they rarely notice improvement on the horizon in their own environment, and also have little faith in politics.

Mar 13 '14 10:09

Last year, there were 6980 evictions from homes, the AD reports. This is a rise of 8 percent in comparison to 2012.

Mar 4 '14 13:35

The budget deficit is dropping quickly because of the growing economy.

Feb 26 '14 09:28

The financial crisis seems to have affected not only the economy, but society as well as new research from the Erasmus University shows.

Oostvogel Almelo
Feb 25 '14 06:51

Fashion boutique Oostvogel in Almelo, established in 1795, shuts its doors after 219 years.

Feb 21 '14 09:42

ABN Amro saw a €47 million loss in the fourth-quarter of last year, but made a total profit of €1.16 billion.


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