Ebru Umar

Aug 29 '18 09:24

Russian trolls are trying to influence Dutch discussions on social media with fake accounts, De Groene Amsterdammer reports based on its own research. These trolls show support for anti-Islam party PVV and spread pro-Russian information when it comes to the MH17 disaster, according to the weekly newspaper.

Jul 29 '16 11:40

The foundation Turkish-Islamic Cultural Federation and 22 Turkish-Dutch people filed defamation charges against Turkish-Dutch journalist Ebru Umar, their lawyer Ad Westendorp said on Friday

May 12 '16 09:00

Turkish-Dutch journalist Ebru Umar is not entirely pleased with the Dutch government's diplomatic efforts in securing her released from Turkey. She is especially sour about the way Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs claimed credit for her release, she said in an interview with the Telegraaf.

May 11 '16 14:05

Dutch-Turkish journalist Ebru Umar will never return to Turkey if it is up to her. "Amazing how easy such decisions are when it comes to your safety", she said to Metro, where she is a columnist.

May 11 '16 07:32

Journalist Ebru Umar is back in the Netherlands. Turkey lifted the travel ban against her on Tuesday and she arrived at Schiphol airport that same night.

May 6 '16 13:45

Dutch-Turkish parliamentarian Tunahan Kuzu is demanding a security detail because of threats made against him on social media and other channels. The parliamentarian blames "mainstream media" and other politicians for a "smear campaign" resulting in these threats, the Telegraaf reports.

May 5 '16 13:30

Two more indictments were filed against Turkish-Dutch journalist Ebru Umar in Turkey, the Turkish public prosecutor informed her no Thursday. She is therefore still not allowed to leave the country

May 4 '16 08:58

Dutch-Turkish journalist Ebru Umar will not be returning to her Amsterdam home once she is allowed to leave Turkey. A break in at her home shortly after her arrest in Turkey left her too afraid to do so

May 3 '16 10:57

Prime Minster Mark Rutte spoke to Ebru Umar about security for her when she returns to the Netherlands, the Turkish-Dutch journalist said to NRC. According to Umar, she and the Prime Minister are both concerned about her safety, especially after the break in at her home in Amsterdam last week.

May 3 '16 08:03

Dutch parliamentarians are calling on the government to create a fund specifically intended to pay for the defense of Dutch journalists prosecuted abroad, in countries where freedom of press is under pressure.

Apr 29 '16 11:15

Dutch journalist Ebru Umar decided to refuse the Turkish police's offer for protection.

Apr 28 '16 14:00

Dutch journalist Ebru Umar wants to renounce her Turkish nationality. She has a Dutch passport, but was automatically also given Turkish nationality at birth, she told Giel Beelen on radio station 3FM on Thursday.

Apr 28 '16 10:25

Europe will not be "blackmailed" by Turkey's threat to terminate the asylum agreement with the EU if the visa requirement for Turks is not lifted quickly, European Commissioner Frans Timmermans said to German newspaper De Zeit.

Apr 26 '16 15:45

Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs is warning Dutch and Dutch-Turkish citizens against visiting Turkey for the time being. The Dutch government can not "guarantee" that they won't get in trouble in the country due to statements made on social media, he said in Parliament on Tuesday

Apr 26 '16 08:44

On Tuesday Dutch journalist Ebru Umar published her first column in Metro Nieuws following her arrest in Turkey on Saturday. She lashes out against Dutch-Turks, who she blames for her being stuck in Turkey.

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Apr 25 '16 10:17

Ebru Umar's home in Amsterdam was broken into overnight. The home was ransacked and a laptop was stolen, the Dutch journalist, currently stuck in Turkey after being arrested for insulting president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said

Apr 25 '16 07:35

Ebru Umar, a Dutch journalist arrested in Turkey on Saturday, was released on Sunday. She is not allowed to leave the country however. Umar was arrested for insulting Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, she reports on Twitter.

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