Beekse Bergen's bald eagle Lady Maya
Feb 16 '18 14:20

Safari park Beekse Bergen is desperately looking for their American bald eagle Lady Maya. The bird of prey flew away after getting into a fight with seagulls and has been missing for four days.

On Facebook the park calls on the public to keep an eye out for the eagle, and let them know if she is seen.

Dec 7 '17 15:40

After more than a year, the Dutch police decided to stop using birds of prey to intercept drones. It turned out that there isn't much demand for drone-intercepting eagles, and training the birds is more expensive and complicated than expected, NOS reports.

Nov 24 '15 11:21

Ever wondered what Rotterdam looks like from an eagle's point of view? A video of a bald eagle flying over the city with a camera strapped to its back answers that question.

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