Aug 15 '17 13:40

Traces of the potentially carcinogenic substance GenX were found in the tap water of The Hague, Zoetermeer and Leiden, water company Dunea announced on Tuesday. The company stresses that the concentrations are very low and that the drinking water is still safe, AD reports.

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May 5 '16 15:15

A water main break in The Hague city center flooded several streets, shops and houses on Thursday.

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Jan 11 '16 15:55

A total of 100 thousand Dutch people signed a petition asking restaurants in the Netherlands to put tap water on the menu. Star chef Richard van Oostenbrugge of two star restaurant Bord'Eau Restaurant Gastronomique in Amsterdam will be handing the petition over to Martijn Naberman, who represents the fuure of the hospitality industry as director of Tio Hotel School in Amsterdam, on Monday, tap water company Dunea announced.

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Jan 11 '16 14:20

A poisonous pesticide was discovered in the Maas river, the source of tap water to 1.3 million people in the west of Zuid-Holland, drinking water company Dunea announced on Monday. Dunea immediately stopped taking water from the Maas and switched the water intake to the Lek river until the problem is resolved.

Fire Truck
Oct 2 '14 08:55

A fire in The Hague's Benoordenhout neighborhood broke out on Wednesday night, causing a lot of damage to several buildings. The fire department has been able to bring the blaze under control early Thursday morning, but does warn that neighboring areas may have problems with their water quality and pressure, Omroep West reports.

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