Dublin agreement

Sep 15 '16 07:33

The Netherlands is sending 450 asylum seekers back to Germany, the Volkskrant reports based on a document from the German Ministry of Migration and Refugees. This is being done based on the Dublin Regulation, which states that asylum seekers must complete the asylum process in the country they first registered for asylum.

asylum seekers
May 13 '16 10:29

The Netherlands and Germany are clashing about the fate of 900 asylum seekers. The Netherlands wants to send these asylum seekers back to Germany, because that is where they were first registered. But Germany is refusing to take them

Diederik Samsom
Aug 27 '15 13:06

PvdA leader Diederik Samsom thinks that the European Union should take in refugees together and get rid of the Dublin agreement. The D66 also likes the idea of one European policy on asylum seekers.

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