discrimination based on sexuality

Oct 9 '17 15:50

The new Dutch government plans to limit gender registration and work gender-neutrally as much as possible, sources confirmed to RTL Nieuws. Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution will be supplemented to specifically prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Mar 21 '17 07:31

The Dutch College of Human Rights received a total of 3.143 reports of discrimination last year, according to the Discirimination Monitor the College published on Tuesday for International Human Rights Day. In 2015 there were 2,148 reports and in the year before that 1,786, ANP reports. 

Apr 25 '16 15:53

The court in Leeuwarden fined the owner of a garden center A. Th. De Boer 1,600 euros, 800 euros of which conditionally suspended, for rejecting a Groningen student for an internship because he is openly gay

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