diesel scandal

Suzuki Vitara
Jan 23 '20 16:50

Owners of a Suzuki Vitara or a Jeep Grand Cherokee must return their diesel cars to the manufacturer for a software update. The software currently installed in the cars report much less nitrogen emissions than the cars actually emit. Minister Cora van Veldhoven of Environment called it unacceptable and issued this mandatory recall, NOS reports.

Jul 11 '17 07:16

The software used in the diesel engines of the Suzuki Vitara and the Jeep Grand Cherokee seems to be messing with the vehicles emission data, the Dutch service for road traffic RDW said in an intermediate report on investigations done into 16 different vehicles. Both these cars' engines are made by Fiat Chrysler, NU.nl reports.

In both cars the system that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions turns off for no apparent reason, according to the RDW. The Public Prosecutor was informed of these results. A criminal investigation may follow. 

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Mar 11 '16 09:30

Even the cleanest diesel cars currently on the roads do not meet EU emissions standards, according to field measurements performed by TNO. Not a single tested diesel car comes to being below the emission limit of 80 milligrams of nitrogen dioxide per kilometer.

Feb 8 '16 14:55

Investors' association VEB filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen last week over the diesel software scandal on behalf of Dutch investors. In the days after the scandal was revealed, Volkswagen shares lost more than 35 percent of its value. According to the VEB, Volkswagen misled its shareholders with false and misleading statements.

Jan 12 '16 09:37

Some 5 thousand Dutch owners of Volkswagen cars with software that tampers with diesel emissions filed fraud claims with the foundation Volkswagen Audi Claim. The foundation will jointly recover the damages from Volkswagen

Dec 15 '15 09:17

"Sjoemelsoftware" was voted the Van Dale Word of the Year for 2015. The word became popular during the Volkswagen diesel scandal earlier this year. It means software that positively influence the test results of a device, such as software in cars that make CO2 emissions seem more favorable.

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Dec 3 '15 12:41

The D66 thinks that the money the Dutch State will get by fining Volkswagen for the whole diesel emissions fraud affair, should pay for railroad maintenance.

Nov 5 '15 10:39

Following the Volkswagen diesel scandal, road traffic service RDW has decided to test whether more cars in the Netherlands are equipped with software that can tamper with emission tests.

Oct 29 '15 11:28

After the so-called Volkswagen diesel scandal the European Commission has agreed to start using the Real Driving Emission test, which tests diesel vehicles' emissions in practice. In a rather controversial move, the Commission also decided to allow new diesel cars more than twice the allowable nitrogen emissions during the first years of the test's implementation.

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Oct 20 '15 09:31

Tampering with diesel vehicles' emissions, such as was done in the so-called Volkswagen diesel scandal, is the reason that the Netherlands is not meeting the European standards for air quality. It is also responsible for the shorter life-spans of people living near busy motorways.

Oct 15 '15 09:57

On Thursday Volkswagen took out a full page advertisement in the major Dutch newspapers in which the company apologizes for the so-called diesel scandal and the environmental damage caused by it.

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