D66 election campaign

Feb 13 '17 09:24

Both the PvdA and D66 promise to invest more money into education in their respective election campaigns. The PvdA set 5 billion euros aside for education and promises substantial salary increases for teachers and a lighter workload. The D66 assigned 4.5 billion euros to education and wants more teachers and smaller classes. 

D66-leader Alexander Pechtold
Aug 26 '16 15:00

D66 leader Alexander Pechtold wants the next government to address inequality in society, he wrote in the foreword of his party's 232 page election program, which he presented on Friday. According to him, it is time to invest in "equal chances", NU.nl reports.

Aug 26 '16 08:09

Alexander Pechtold will leave the D66 if his party does not make it into the cabinet in the next elections, scheduled for March 15th next year, he said in television program Pauw. If the D66 is not part of the ruling coalition "then it is time for another, yes", the D66 leader said.

Aug 25 '16 09:35

The D66 wants three months of paid paternity leave - one of the points in the party's election campaign set to be presented on Friday. According to Statistics Netherlands' calculations, this will cost around 200 million euros a year

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