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Mar 6 '15 14:03

The court in The Hague ruled that the Dutch prisoners serving sentences in Division K of the long term facility in Veerhuizen, may be transferred to make room for Norwegian prisoners.

Mar 5 '15 14:28

The court in The Hague yesterday sentenced a 32 year old man to 5 years in prison for the sexual exploitation of two women. The man forced these women to work as prostitutes for almost 8 years

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Feb 4 '15 11:15

The police are not responsible for the Tristan van der Vlis massacre in a shopping center in Alphen aan den Rijn in 2011, a court in The Hague ruled in a case brought by victims' relatives. The judge did, however, find that the police made mistakes.

Jan 20 '15 12:06

Faig B. (29) from Helmond was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in The Hague. According to the judges, B. shot and killed three young women "in a ruthless manner", committed homicide on the mother of one of the victims and seriously injured the same victim's father. B. was previously also sentenced to life imprisonment by the court in Dordrecht.

Dec 23 '14 13:52

Mark van N., known as the "horror dentist", can be extradited to France, the court in the Hague ruled. Van N. initiated the lawsuit because he felt that he would not receive the same mental health care in France as in the Netherlands. The judge did not agree, and therefore the extradition can continue.

Dec 9 '14 13:56

The police ignored all the signals on the psychological problems of Ridderhof-shooter Tristan van der Vlis. Not only when granting him weapon licenses, but also twice afterwards in its renewal. This was the argument of the lawyers on behalf of 51 victims of the shooting in the court in the Hague this morning.

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