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Dutch police
Apr 6 '18 15:20

A shop owner in Utrecht was disgusted to find a pile of horse poop in front of his perfume shop on Wednesday. On Twitter he called on the police to come clean it up. The community police officer apologized in an amusing tweet.

"Since police horses are the only horses that come into the city center... Can the Utrecht police stop by to clean up their shit?" annoyed shop owner Sjoerd de Boer said on Twitter.

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Jun 30 '15 11:59

Large parts of the Netherlands have a shortage of community police officers. Zuid- and Oost-Nederland in particular are still failing to meet the standard of one police officer per 5 thousand residents

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Apr 8 '13 08:20

Much to the satisfaction of the police, many citizens chat via Twitter with local police officers from their neighborhood. "Social media are a very important way for the originally rather closed police to be in contact with citizens," says Janinne van den Berg, Manager of the Social Media Policy of the National Police.

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