cold case

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Oct 5 '16 15:30

The police are digging up a hair salon n Haagsestraat in Cuijk looking for the bodies of Jan and Riet Kelders. The couple disappeared in September 1989

Aug 24 '16 14:40

A 52-year-old man was arrested in Amsterdam on Monday on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Miriam Sharon in The Hague on October 8th, 1990. A DNA match led to the man's arrest, almost 26 years after the fact, the police said on Wednesday.

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Apr 18 '16 11:14

An estimated 800 people in the Netherlands know about a not-yet-caught murderer, but are not sharing that information with the police, according to an investigation by two investigation specialists based on 48 cold murder cases over the last 20 years

dna match
Mar 14 '16 10:29

The German judiciary gave permission for a large-scale DNA relationship test in connection with an unsolved murder in the Netherlands dating from 1976

Sep 30 '14 12:56

The clothes Nicole van den Hurk was wearing when she was murdered in 1995, were probably destroyed within two months after the discovery of her body.

Apr 17 '14 10:48

Police in Berkel have disbanded the investigative team that was looking into the murder of psychiatric clinic manager Rob Zweekhorst, who was shot dead on New Year's Day. Investigators were unable to crack the case, leaving the victim's family members in shock, the AD reports.

Apr 8 '14 12:07

Authorities have finally been able to find a DNA match for a leg that came ashore at Terschelling 26 years ago.

Feb 18 '14 11:54

Detectives from the Cold Case division claimed their first success in East Netherlands this week when they unearthed enough evidence to arrest a man from Deventer for a 17-year-old rape case.

Jan 28 '14 13:19

Upon hearing the news that a suspect in Nicole van den Hurk's murder was arrested nearly 20 years after the crime, her stepbrother was cautious to show any happiness about the arrest, or even optimism that police caught the right guy.

Jan 17 '14 11:53

Police in the Netherlands arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of the rape and murder of Nicole van den Hurk nearly two decades ago. New DNA evidence gave detectives the opening they needed to make the arrest, police say.


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