Sep 16 '15 09:16

Many Dutch municipalities are hastily arranging emergency shelter for refugees. The first 200 asylum seekers moved into the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on Tuesday night. Other buildings transformed into emergency shelters include the barracks in Weert and the domed prison in Haarlem.

Sep 14 '15 10:35

On Monday State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice has the difficult task of convincing the European Union to follow the Netherlands' plan for investing in asylum shelters near crisis areas in an effort to stop the inflow of refugees to Europe. He will attempt to do this during the European meeting in Brussels on the redistribution of 160 thousand asylum seekers.

Sep 10 '15 10:13

The Prince Willem-Alexander barracks in Gouda will soon be turned into an asylum center. Earlier this year there were plans to use the building for a large mosque, but these plans were eventually rejected by the city council.

Sep 10 '15 09:26

The Salvation Army is now also helping with coordinating all relief operations for refugees in the Netherlands, focusing on the collection, sorting and distribution of clothing - something that is sorely needed, according to a spokesperson.

Sep 7 '15 09:03

The Dutch central agency for the reception of asylum seekers, the COA, has received so many donations of toys, clothes and food over the past few days that they are drowning in it at some locations. The agency is therefore asking citizens to stop spontaneous collections for refugees. The donations are heartening, according to the agency, but would be better if it was coordinated.

Sep 3 '15 13:54

More and more Dutch people are opening their hearts to refugees and offering help where they can. The central agency for asylum seekers in the Netherlands, the COA, have so many volunteers reporting that they can hardly keep up.

asylum seekers
Sep 3 '15 10:18

The Dutch agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA is desperate for more shelter for refugees. The agency will need even more than the previously stated 10 thousand beds this year, and is calling upon all Dutch municipalities to help provide shelter for the people fleeing to the Netherlands for safety.

asylum seekers
Aug 26 '15 08:45

The current stream of incoming refugees is so great that Ter Apel, the reporting point for every asylum applicant that enters the Netherlands, is drowning under refugees. The central agency for asylum seekers COA thinks that the asylum seekers should be better distributed over the Netherlands and is considering opening a second reporting point to absorb a portion of the inflow.

asylum seekers
Aug 6 '15 08:49

The asylum centers in the Netherlands are overflowing due to a combination of the massive influx of new asylum seekers and the difficulty of finding those with a residence permit a home so that they can leave the centers.

asylum seekers
Jul 9 '15 17:21

The number of asylum applications the Ministry of Security and Justice received in June increased by a third to 2,937. The number of lone children seeking asylum in the country rose to 299 last month.

Vluchtgarage protesters at IND
Jun 2 '15 18:15

The Netherlands earmarked spent 868 million euros on services for roughly 24,000 asylum seekers last year, according to figures Justice Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff provided to anti-Islam party PVV. The party leader, Geert Wilders, blasted the amount, saying it translates to roughly 36 thousand euros per asylum seeker.

asylum seekers
Apr 17 '15 09:53

Last year 29,790 people sought asylum in the Netherlands last year, compared to 16,477 asylum seekers in 2013. This is the largest number of asylum seekers looking for help in the Netherlands in a decade.

asylum seekers
Feb 6 '15 10:28

2,741 (violent) incidents were recorded in Dutch asylum centers in the first 6 months of last year. These include 13 suicides, 80 suicide attempts, 124 intimidations and threats, 47 assaults, 58 missing people, 23 hunger strikes, 4 self-immolations and 10 suspicions of human trafficking. In the first half of 2014 there were about 12 thousand asylum seekers in Dutch centers, that number has doubled in the meantime.

Nov 25 '14 10:33

Acting Mayor Midden-Drenthe Ton Baas (VVD) has said no to 1,400 asylum seekers getting shelter in the Drenthe village of Oranje.

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Nov 24 '14 11:27

A tense atmospheres that is apparently the norm in the asylum center in Budel-Dorplein sparked a massive brawl last week.

Oct 8 '14 19:37

According to the Utrecht city council the Central Agency for the reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) provides sloppy data of asylum seekers who are entitled to housing.

asylum seekers
Sep 26 '14 11:19

The number of new asylum seekers in The Netherlands is higher than last year, state secretary Fred Teeven of Security and Justice writes to Parliament. Press service Novum reports.

Prison Cells
Sep 24 '14 09:45

Residents of Doetinchem are complaining about the noise coming from asylum seekers who have been housed in the former prison De Kruisberg.

asylum seekers
May 31 '14 06:10

A former prison in Doetinchem is going to be turned into an asylum seeker's housing center, the Central Organ for asylum seekers shelter (COA) announces.

asylum seekers
May 15 '14 13:29

Although there has been a large stream of asylum seekers coming into the Netherlands over the last weeks, there is no shortage of shelter. Tented camps in cities will not be necessary to house the masses of refugees.

asylum seekers
May 8 '14 16:02

An old juvenile detention center is being converted into an area where young people aged 14 to 18 can take shelter. The Central Organ shelter Asylum Seekers (COA) is rebuilding the Hevelrug in Overberg (Utrecht) into a habitable shelter with space for between 200 and 400 youths. The first refugees will be able to stay there from June.


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