asylum seekers
Jan 6 '16 10:19

The number of asylum seekers entering the Netherlands dropped from about a thousand a week to about 700 a week. If the inflow remains at about 700 asylum seekers a week, the need for emergency shelters may soon be a thing of the past, Ank Bijleveld-Schouten, commissioner for the King in Overijssel, said to NRC.

Rene van Berlo working at Oisterwijk refugee center
Dec 29 '15 09:42

Dutch municipalities have little chance of success in arranging enough space to accommodate the ever increasing number of asylum seekers arriving in the Netherlands, according to Marcel Boogers, professor of innovation and regional government at the University of Twente. If the approach does not change, "people will soon be sleeping on the streets", he said

Dec 28 '15 14:35

The central agency for the reception of asylum seekers in the Netherlands expects a sever shortage in space for asylum seekers and refugees in the country next year. The necessary 12,500 additional emergency shelter spaces failed to be realized before January 1st, which means that there will still be a need for crisis shelters next year, a spokesperson for the COA said

Dec 25 '15 08:37

The agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA cancelled a trip to a pool in Ede for 140 to 150 asylum seekers at the last minute after a threatening letter sent to a local newspaper, broadcaster
Dec 23 '15 07:55

Amsterdam plans to launch a trial run in screening refugees on their abilities and so helping them find work or continue their education in the city more quickly. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs Lodewijk Asscher sees merit in this trial and promised financial support in a letter to Economic Affairs alderman Kajsa Ollongren on Tuesday

Dec 22 '15 08:09

An information evening held Monday night in Kaatsheuvel about the emergency refugee shelter in holiday resort Droomgaard was relatively calm even as protesters made their voices heard. Residents are upset about the uncertainty and lack of clarity surrounding when the asylum seekers will arrive and how long they will stay. They are also concerned that the refugees will bring disturbances and problems with them

asylum seekers
Nov 25 '15 12:03

Amstelveen agreed to take in a maximum of 400 asylum seekers in the municipality. The refugees will be housed in an emergency shelter which will be set up in the empty office building Laan van Kronenburg 2. The first refugees are expected to arrive in February 2016

Nov 20 '15 08:44

Thousands of refugee children in the Netherlands have little access to childcare and education. They also often have to move from one shelter to another more than once. All of these factors have a negative impact on their development.

asylum seekers
Nov 13 '15 14:40

The asylum seekers who protested against the poor living conditions in the emergency shelter in The Hague on Thursday, have been relocated to another location outside the city.

asylum seekers
Nov 11 '15 14:08

More than half of the Brabant municipalities are not sheltering any refugees, because they feel they have no space. The central agency for the reception of refugees in the Netherlands, the COA, calls this nonsense.

asylum seekers
Oct 26 '15 07:25

Two gay Iraqi men had to flee the emergency refugee shelter in Apeldoorn on Thursday night when they were attacked by fellow asylum seekers. The attack happened after a Nieuwsuur broadcast on the same night in which one of the men talked about gay discrimination he has encountered in the asylum center.

Oct 16 '15 15:29

A second part of the Heumensoord refugee tent camp in Nijmegen is as good as done, which means that the COA will soon be moving another about 500 refugees to the emergency shelter.

Oct 16 '15 08:46

An information evening in Rotterdam about plans to open an asylum center in the neighborhood Beverwaard on Thursday night, ended with three people arrested for throwing stones at police officers and destroying squad cars.

Oct 15 '15 15:20

Tent camps are not safe places for refugees to stay during the winter months, according Neptunus, one of the leading tent manufacturers in the Netherlands. The company calls it irresponsible to have refugees sleeping in tents, especially with the risk of storms and snowfall.

asylum seekers
Oct 15 '15 12:41

Rijssen-Holten Mayor Arco Hofland is being threatened with death because of plans to open an emergency refugee shelter in the municipality. The threats were made in a letter that was sent to RTV Oost.

Oct 14 '15 10:17

The total number of refugees seeking asylum in the Netherlands this year is expected to reach between 50 thousand and 60 thousand. Over the past few weeks, the number of asylum applications fluctuated between 2,400 and 4,200 per week.

Vluchtgarage protesters at IND
Oct 13 '15 16:29

Roughly 100 Syrian asylum seekers from the Heumensoord camp in Nijmegen have revolted in the streets on Tuesday against the living conditions that they find themselves in. The asylum seekers demanded improvement, waving homemade banners scripted, “We live in open air, our children in danger and risk the biting cold”.

Sep 29 '15 09:19

The Dutch Police Union NPB is concerned about increasing violence among asylum seekers as police forces are having to bolster their efforts to maintain peace around refugee reception centres, the union told newspaper AD. They advocate splitting up refugees into groups based on religion, and perhaps also nationality or ethnicity to help calm the situation down.

Woerden banner
Sep 28 '15 18:39

Campaigners over the weekend slandered the proposed intake of refugees with defamatory banners and slogans at railways stations in the cities of Montfoort and Woerden. The incident saw banners with the words like, ‘No refugees’ and ‘f**k off to your own country’ plastered over railway station windows and walls. Woerden Mayor Victor Molkenboer finds these actions deplorable.

Sep 22 '15 16:38

Roughly 4,200 new refugees were registered in the Netherlands last week, according to figures released by the Minister of Security and Justice, Klaas Dijkhoff, following a meeting with cabinet members. This influx of refugees could be attributed to the refusal of Eastern European countries to participate in the mandatory redistribution of refugees in Europe as well as Minister Dijkhoffs’ decision not to re-introduce border controls.

Vluchtgarage protesters in Vondelpark 1
Sep 21 '15 09:12

Over the past decade Dutch municipalities with people with low incomes have taken in more than three times as many refugees than municipalities with wealthy residents.

Sep 17 '15 10:18

The National Police and marechaussee, a police force that works as a branch of the military, have established a new team to help with the increasing number of refugees in the Netherlands.

Sep 16 '15 15:20

The central agency for the reception of asylum seekers, the COA, plans to put down a tent camp that can accommodate 3 thousand refugees on Heumensoord, in Nijmegen - the spot where the four-day marches camp is usually located.

Sep 16 '15 09:16

Many Dutch municipalities are hastily arranging emergency shelter for refugees. The first 200 asylum seekers moved into the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on Tuesday night. Other buildings transformed into emergency shelters include the barracks in Weert and the domed prison in Haarlem.


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